We’re familiar with the likes of Hive, Nest and other smart systems that allow us to control heating and lighting when we’re away from home. Smart technology is becoming more accessible and there’s an app for just about everything.

Here are five smart appliances you don’t really need, but will really want.

Smart locks are nifty gadgets that let you know if your door is ajar and can interact with other smart home devices including Alexa and Google Home and smart doorbells with their video cameras. A cheaper version is to close and lock your door properly, but this would be great for pranking as well as security.

You can control smart vacuum cleaners with your smart phone, even if you’re out. Not all have smart-home connectivity and some might need a hand if they get stuck. But you do get to play with the domestic hygiene equivalent of a remote control car which makes this, and smart lawnmowers even more coveted.

In a complicated version of something Wallace might invent, a smart coffee maker will have your brew of choice ready in the time it takes you to get out of bed and walk down the stairs. You’ll need to add your own milk and sugar. Cracking cappuccino Gromit.

Volvo’s On Call app allows remote interaction with your car including the locks, heating, location assistance, navigation, security, fuel levels. It will even let you start and stop your engine. Suddenly, driving a Volvo is cool.

The smart fridge lets you see inside your fridge freezer via an app. You can watch TV or listen to the radio through the appliance and some connect to smart speakers through Bluetooth. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase the fridge is humming.

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