The growth in e-commerce has affected students career choices. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Arabian region. It has significantly altered the way students make their academic decisions.

One way the students chooses their careers is through checking the career prospects. That outlook has propelled the popularity of formal education. Among the most sought-after courses include Bachelor of commerce specifically the e-business program.

This course provides students will many skill sets that enable them to utilize technology-based business solutions. The e-business degree program allows students to combine the technical competencies with business skills something that traditionally was not possible.


Career outlook

The course is popular among students who want to pursue a career in marketing. Therefore, with this program, students are set to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, additionally, this program is optimized to use e-commerce technology. As a result, e-business program allows students to gain following skill sets.

  • Enterprise resource planner
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Innovator

Therefore, the career outlook for e-business students looks excellent. The field is ever evolving and growing at the same time. Hence you stand a better chance of developing and innovating as well as increasing the business.

Startup ideas

An e-business course also enables students who do not want to pursue careers or those who will miss getting employed to be innovative. You well know that in the face of competition, innovation is what keeps the business growing. Moreover, startup idea is what develops into a sustainable business employing many other people.

Some of the lucrative startup ideas for you to start up include;

  • Selling of homemade products online

The homemade product is simple, innovative products which can be marketed online. This startup idea is suitable for women who may otherwise be at home. This untapped potential of utilizing e-business is a noble idea of empowering women and lifting the community from poverty.

  • Selling personalized gifts

Home-based entrepreneurs will surely utilize their e-business skills by creating personalized gifts and selling them online. Your E-business course acquired skills will help you to market and sell online. The practical skills will come in handy in setting up e-commerce funnel like a website, and social media platforms.

  • Social media consultancy

With the growth of social media and its application in e-commerce. It becomes apparent that your e-business acquired skills will make you a social media expert. Its business application will be sought after service by entrepreneurs who need to tap into a new market and actualize their strategic grows.

  • Outdoor advertising

Traditional marketing utilized the television, billboards, bus benches, among others. However, digital marketing has opened new avenues of reaching out to customers. Advertising is no longer the preserve of a few media giants or corporates. Your e-business skills give you a better chance of putting your mark on the advertising world by utilizing various digital marketing tools. These include short marketing videos, YouTube channels, Facebook dedicated e-commerce pages, Instagram among others.


E-business students are well placed to take advantages of career opportunities offered by many companies. It is in the interests of the companies to target technology as a way of increasing revenues. E-commerce has become a strategic target for any business. They see it as an ultimate way of doing business, generating revenues and source of growth. Therefore, the academic e-business program will benefit students who want to take part in the next ways of doing business.