Funding a students lifestyle isn’t easy. We know! All those nights out, travel to and from the university, not to mention the tuition fees. It all adds up and so do your bills if you don’t have a part time job. But who wants to work for minimum wage just to buy a beer at the weekend?

Thankfully, there is another way. Thousands of UK students have taken to matched betting to bring in an income while at university. You might hear the word ‘betting’ and run a mile but it isn’t what you think.

You will have seen all those ads around the internet offering you free bets for signing up to bookmakers right? Well, with matched betting, you can turn those free bets into real cash which you can withdraw into your bank account. What’s best is that there are free bets being given out every day and so there is an endless stream of profits to be made!

Matched betting isn’t just for students but it does fit the student lifestyle perfectly.

  • Do it in your spare time whenever you have a few minutes
  • All you need is a laptop, PC or smartphone
  • The income you generate is tax-free
  • You can make hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month. With no boss!

So how does it work?

Lets say a bookmaker offers new customers a £20 free bet when you sign up and place your first bet of £20.

Sound good? Well, kind of. But what if you lose your bet?

That’s where matched betting comes in. With matched betting, as well as placing a bet with the bookmaker for, let’s say, a football prediction – Manchester United to beat Liverpool, we also place a bet on Manchester United NOT to beat Liverpool. So, whatever happens we will win one of our bets. We won’t win any money with this bet as we’ve won one and lost one. However, as we have placed our first bet with the bookmaker, we will now be given a £20 free bet from them!

We then simply repeat the process by betting on a team to win and also betting on them not to win but this time using our free bet. With a few clever calculations, you can extract a profit this time of around 80% of the free bet value. So from a £20 free bet you can expect to make £16 profit which you can then withdraw to your bank account.

Let’s take a look at an example of how to make a profit from a free bet offer:

Offer: William Hill give new customers a £30 free bet when they register and place their first bet of £10.

First we need to find something to place our initial £10 bet on. For this, we can use an Odds Matcher on a matched betting site such as bet

The odds matcher automatically displays the best matches. In this case, it is the football match between Newcastle and Huddersfield. The odds for Newcastle to win are 1.8 and the odds for Newcastle not to win ie. lose or draw, are 1.85.

Now we have found a match to place our bet on, we need to know how much to bet on Newcastle to win and Newcastle not to win.

Clicking on the event in the odds matcher opens up the match betting calculator which automatically displays this information for you.students

You can see from the calculator that we need to place our £10 bet with William Hill on Newcastle to win and £10 bet with Betfair Exchange on Newcastle not to win.

The calculator shows us that whatever happens we will los 50p with this bet. Don’t worry though, we’re about to make a profit!

So now we have placed our initial £10 bet and are 50p down. However, William Hill have given us a £30 free bet. Now we need to repeat the process, this time using the free bet, from which we can make a profit.

We go back to the odds matcher to find a match to use our free bet on.students

The odds matcher tells us that we should bet on ‘Hackbridge’ in the 4:55pm at Lingfield. The odds on Hackbridge to win are 7.5 and the odds on Hackbridge not to win are 8.0.

Again, we open up the match betting calculator.students

The calculator shows us that if we place our £30 free bet on Hackbridge to win, we need to place a £24.53 bet on Hackbridge not to win to ensure we return a profit.

By doing so, we can see that if Hackbridge does win, we will make a profit of £23.29 and if Hackbridge doesn’t win we will make a profit of £23.30. Take away the 50p we lost on our initial bet and we have made an overall profit of £22.80 just from this one bet offer!

There are hundreds of these offers about and it’s just about finding them. Thankfully, do all of this for you. They scour the internet and provide their members with free bet offers daily. They also provide all of the tools and step-by-step guides that you need in order to make a profit from matched betting.

You can sign up for free and read more about how matched betting works at