If you’re a high school student, college student, or a university student, then you are more than likely living either pay check to pay check, can only work weekends, or you’ve blown your student loan on pizza deliveries. Having a rather unhealthy bank balance isn’t an uncommon monthly occurrence for you and you are far too familiar with the struggles it brings…

Window shopping

While your friends in full time work are having the time of their lives in your local shopping centre, you’re simply “window shopping”. Browsing through the things you want but will can never afford. You even get heart palpitations when you turn over the price tag.

Eating out

Despite your pleas, your mates decide to split the bill evenly at the end of the night because it’s ‘only fair’ …even though you only ordered a chicken salad. How rude.


When your mates’ birthday are coming up and you have to do that awkward, “I can’t afford a gift right now, but I will get you one at some point…” And you both know you’re lying. It’s even worse when they bought you a rather lavish gift for your own birthday – how are you meant to top that?

Card payments

Sweat trickles down your face everytime you pull out your card – will it get declined this time? Is there anything in my bank? You just stick it in the machine and cross your fingers.


You’re so broke you don’t even want to know how broke you are. You avoid checking your balance at all costs and just hope for the best. If you can’t see the problem, the problem doesn’t exist right?

Direct debit

On the other hand, you might be one of those who monitor your account like a hawk, making sure there is the exact right amount for you to be able to pay your phone bill at the end of the month.


Forget running a car; you can’t even afford the lessons. You’re convinced you’ll still be biking and walking everywhere until the day you die.