Whether you’re going to the gym for the very first time or you’ve switched to a new gym, it can certainly be a daunting proposition. But as a total gym newbie you may feel lost and have no idea what does what and where you should start; it can be overwhelming. Here are a few of the best beginner exercises using standard gym equipment to help you start your fitness journey in transforming yourself into a fitter and healthier version of you!

Leg Press

Targeting all your leg muscles including your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps, the leg press is a simplistic and easy to use machine that will help to tone your legs and develop a stronger lower body. It’s surprising how many people neglect their lower body during workouts despite some of the largest muscle groups being located there! Don’t skip leg day!

Assisted Pull up

This machine works to strength your outer back (latussimus) muscles and of course your biceps. Using this basic machine will allow you to move onto bodyweight pull ups once you believe you are strong enough.

Chest Press

The chest press machine will work one of the main muscle groups; the pectoral muscles. It will also works to grow your triceps as you grow your chest bigger and stronger – it’s a great exercise for newbies wanting to bulk up their physique.

Seated Row

The seated row machine will effectively work your central back (rhomboids) muscles and help you to develop a stronger back. It’s vital you equally work out muscles on opposing sides of your body; no one wants to look lop-sided and you will benefit from far better posture.

Shoulder Press

You guessed it – the shoulder press machine works your shoulders. They are a large group of muscles which, when built upon, create a fuller physique. If you were to neglect the large muscle groups then you could be looking at muscular imbalances. So for an all-round toned body, be sure to target all areas. Remember, before you use resistance machines; be sure to warm up on lighter weights doing at least three sets of eight on each exercise.


Cardio is often forgotten by many gym goers whose long term goals are to bulk. Regular cardio workouts such as 30 minutes on the treadmill or the cross trainer promotes a stronger heart and set of lungs as well as increased bone density and weight loss. The endorphins released during cardio exercises also aids stress relief and an improved mood.

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