The end of my second year as a literature undergraduate student is rapidly approaching which means that, in no time at all, summer will be over and it will be time to begin my third and final year! The time has flown by so quickly that there is still a lot that I want to get done as a student and hadn’t even realised before. Because of that, I decided to start a bucket list of all of these things to make sure that I don’t miss out, and wanted to share it with you all in case you too are making your own plans and might be in need of inspiration.

Travel Europe

I am of the belief that the best time to travel is alongside your studies so that you can really apply what you have learnt to the world around you. Every time I go somewhere new, I make sure to read something set in that location before I go so that I have a picture in my head and also so that I have a general idea of what to expect of the culture. I’ve found that the more I read alongside my travels, the more likely I am to make the most of an experience.

In terms of where I’ve been so far (largely Germany, Austria, Italy and France) there is still so much more I would like to see, alongside places I would like to re-visit. For this reason, I’m saving up to do some travelling the summer after I graduate so that I have something to look forward to and to get me through the encroaching work load.

Join A New Society

As chair of feminist society and a member of several music clubs, I am looking forward to finding another group of likeminded people to be a part of and to make friends with. Much as with my resolutions for the New Year, trying out something different is always on my to do list.

I’m thinking a sport, as swimming is something I love but haven’t really got involved with from a social perspective and it seems a good idea to have something which is both fun and healthy at some point during the week. Letting my nerves get the best of me regarding this isn’t something I want to regret at the end of the year!

Get More Work Experience

There is nothing more important than developing your skill set so that you can adapt quickly and have a versatile approach to a vast array of different opportunities. Although I have previous experience of working with my local library and Oxfam, different arts institutions across the UK are always in need of support because they are driven by community.

For this reason, I definitely want to look into helping out at local galleries and museums, and maybe even looking into doing some volunteering abroad to assist in teaching English. The options are many and it will be difficult to choose but again, this is not something I want to miss out on and I am extremely excited to see where I go with this idea.

Be A Tourist In My City

Other than writing my dissertation, the one thing I haven’t accomplished since moving to York is being a tourist in my own city whilst I’ve known it well. Hence, I want to make a whole separate bucket list of places I haven’t visited or seen during my time there yet and be a tourist for the day with my friends.

Most of all, I am excited to climb all the stairs of York Minster and to look out at the sky line. Apparently the view is incredible and I am so looking forward to finally seeing it. I’m saving that one till last because it seems the best place to look out over the city I have lived and studied in for so long now!