The motoring world has loads of absurd road regulations. The United States tops the list of the most bewildering road rules, though in Europe, there are also some surprising restrictions. For all travellers out there, here you can find some tips for your worldwide driving holidays.

Really Weird Road Rules in the USA

If you are planning a road trip through the United States, we have a bunch of driving tips for you! While the road regulations presented below are still in effect, some of them can no longer be applied, so be sure to take the following advice with a pinch of salt!

For example, in Wichita, Kansas, drivers are required by law to fire into the air before crossing the intersection of Douglas and Broadway. Another very practical rule you may not be aware of is in force in Alabama – local law forbids driving a car while wearing a blindfold. If you happen to visit Denver during your travels, remember that it is forbidden to transport animals in the car at night as well as to drive a black car on Sunday. Quite practical regulations, aren’t they?

Taking a closer look at the west coast of the United States, you will find a land full of traffic law absurdities. In San Francisco, underwear cannot be used to clean corporate vehicles. The city’s authorities care about animal welfare, and advise that if you were to travel to San Francisco on an elephant, you would have to keep it on a leash! We have even more tips for your travels in California. Do not jump out of a moving car unless it’s going slower than 60 mph. (The rule says you cannot have an unmanned car moving faster than 60 mph.) Also, remember not to shoot or hunt from a moving vehicle.

European Traffic Regulation Gems

Europe has a real minefield of wacky road rules currently in force. In Switzerland, for example, drivers can only wash their cars on Sunday. It is also forbidden to place a camera behind the windshield of a vehicle. In the neighbouring country of Germany, the police have the right to impose a fine if you run out of petrol while driving on a motorway. And in the nearby small country of Luxembourg, all cars must be equipped with wipers, even for vehicles without a windshield.

Moving to the north of Europe, drivers in Denmark need to check if there are no children under the vehicle before driving off. In the UK, in order to reduce traffic in the city of Oxford, local law forbids you to go around a neighbourhood more than a hundred times. Be sure you count your loops!

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