Do you want to be a record breaker? Well, there’s some stiff competition We look at 12 amazing and outrageous world records to feature in the Guinness World Book of Records.

Largest Pizza Delivery – Pizzas 4 Patriots – July 2012

Delivering a slice of home on Independence Day, Pizzas 4 Patriots set a world record with a delivery of 30,000 pizzas to the US Armed Forces stationed at Kandahar Airfield, Bagram Airbase and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The 12″ pizzas were made in Illinois, and shipped out on 21 June via DHL Express and the US Armed Forces.

Longest Finger Nails on a pair of hands (female) – Lee Redmond – 2003

In 2008, Lee Redmond’s nails measured a combined length of 8.65 metres (28′ 4″). Her right thumb nail grew to 90cm (2′ 11″): that’s the average height of a two-year old. Lee was officially recognised as the record holder in 2003 and painted her nails gold for her World Records photoshoot. Although cleaning and playing a keyboard would present a challenge, eating her nails would provide Lee with sufficient nutrients for three months’ survival.

Most Big Macs consumed – Donald Gorske – August 2016

In 2016, Amercian Donald Gorske ate his 28,788th Big Mac. Typically eating 14 of the signature sandwich each week, in a period spanning 44 years, there have only been eight days when Donald did not eat a Big Mac.

Furthest distance to blow a pea – Andre Ortolf – July 2014

Fitness gyms the world over contain standard equipment for their patrons: weights, rowing machines, treadmills, cross-trainers. But the Bodyfeeling fitness gym in Augsburg, Bavaria has the necessary equipment for the lesser-known exercise regime known as pea blowing. Andre Ortolf demonstrated his lung capacity when he achieved his world record of blowing a pea the furthest distance – 7.51m (24′ 7.66″). We’re not entirely sure what his fitness regime was, but it must have been stamina enhancing as he didn’t run out of puff.

Longest nipple hair – Daniele Tuveri – March 2013

Impressive yet repulsive, Daniele Tuveri of Italy is the holder of the Guiness World Record for the longest nipple hair. His areola fur measured 17cm (6.69″) and we have to wonder – was he single?

Longest ear hair – Victor Anthony – August 2007

Yes, this is an actual thing. Victor Anthony from Madurai in India is the record holder for the longest ear hair – 18.1cm (7.12″). Measured from the centre of his outer ears this retired headmaster’s ear hair is long enough to plait, perm and put in a ponytail.

Largest flesh tunnel (earlobe) – Kalawelo Kaiwi – April 2014

There’s been a surge in popularity of flesh tunnels: hollow tube-shaped jewellery inserted into stretched, over-sized ear piercings.¬†Hawaiian Kalawelo Kairwi holds the world record for his 10.5cm earlobe flesh tunnel, which is about the diameter of a teacup and large enough to fit a clenched fist through. Kala also sports tattoos, piercings, subdermal horns and a bifurcated (split) tongue. No chance of mistaken identity then…

Longest penile enhancement – Richardo Fischer – 1995-2000

A patient of Brazilian doctor Bayard Olle Fischer Santos has the world record for the longest penile enhancement through surgery and physiotherapy. With the first treatment administered in February 1995, enhancement of 16cm (6.29″) the patient achieved full distension measuring 27cm (10.62″) in March 2000 (bigger than a St Bernard’s and twice the average for a mature adult male).

Most teeth in a newborn – Sean Keaney – April 1990

Sean Keaney from Newbury in Berkshire was born with 12 teeth. No doubt to immense gratitude from his breast-feeding mother, the teeth were extracted to prevent possible feeding problems. Sean had his second full set at 18 months. Milk teeth normally appear in infants around 5-8 months with molars appearing by the time children are approaching their second birthday.

Largest family reunion – Porteau-Boileve Family – August 2012

The record for the largest family reunion is held by the Porteau-Boileve family. Jean-Michel Cheneau traced his family tree from the 17th century and the get-together in France was attended by 4,514 relations, possibly giving rise to the longest Christmas card list in the world too!

Largest air guitar ensemble – San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino – September 2011

2377 people joined professional air guitarist Dan Crane (aka Bjorn Turoque) in California in 2011, to form the largest air guitar ensemble. The unconfirmed playlist featured classics including Out of the Silence by Iron Maiden, Van Morrison’s So Quiet in Here and Whitesnake’s Still of the Night.

Most Prolific Record Breaker- Ashrita Furman

Ashrita Furman has made it his life’s mission to break as many¬†world records as he can. Over three decades he has set more than 600 records and holds more than 200. Attempts include:

  • Fastest mile by pogo stick
  • Longest time to hula hoop underwater
  • Most jumping jacks performed
  • Furthest distance trekked balancing a bike on chin
  • Most candles on a birthday cake

Furman is living evidence, if ever it was needed, that ambition, dedication and persistence will help you achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

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