Once in a while, a great love story comes along. Antony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet. Becky and Jessa.

Becky and Jessa?

The world has fallen in love with this couple after a video of Becky proposal at Memphis Zoo, where they had their first date, hit social media. Becky McCabe got down on one knee and produced a ring, before asking Jessa Gillaspie to marry her. The video shows Jessa covering her face with her hands before rummaging in her tote bag and producing her own ring for Becky too.

To the delight of social media fans and the friends that were with the girls, the film shows a special double proposal, and it’s been such a hit that CBS News ran the story.

The caption to the video, which has since gone viral, says “We were both so surprised!!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my financee.”

Gillaspie later wrote “…all I’ve ever wanted was for Beck and the world to know how much I love her.”

But is this synchronisation of thought merely coincidence?

Researchers from the University of Michigan are learning that, as we age with our partners, we become linked physically as well as emotionally. It’s the physical equivalent of finishing each other’s sentences, or walking in step. A series of tests carried out at the University of California suggests that our hearts beat for each other, or at least at the same rate, when we’re in a relationship. Couples in romantic relationships mirror each other physically, with heart rates and breathing synchronising to follow similar patterns.


This physical synchronisation extends to the physiological, with some couples so in tune that their brains begin to work in sync, helping them to know each other’s thoughts and emotions, a sixth sense for lovers.

For some, synchronicity signals your connection with your soulmate, a love moment that connects you with each other. Becky and Jessa’s synchronised proposal suggests they’re made for each. They also have an engagement story of a lifetime.

Becky and Jessa hope to marry next year, according to local media reports, and we wish them a long and happy future together.

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