You’ve had a smashing weekend, but now it’s Sunday evening and you’ve already got the Monday Blues. Don’t worry; we think we can convince you to finally start loving Monday!

You’re wasting valuable happiness

If you spend every Sunday and Monday feeling miserable,that’s around 96 days a year of potential happiness wasted! Imagine how many days of your life you will waste being depressed about Monday. Is it really worth it? Let’s face it; there are more important things to worry about in life other than waking up early.

See the bigger picture

How lucky are you to be here on this earth, in full time education? You could’ve been a snail or even a lamp post! But you have a life with the potential to do amazing things and you’re caught up worrying about getting up on Monday mornings? Don’t wait for Saturday, make every day a Saturday!

Find the right profession

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but working hard to get somewhere you’re happy to be is a journey in itself. Apply what you’re good at to a career and surround yourself with motivational and positive people. Remember, find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.

A fresh new week

Perhaps the week you had before was a little slack and things didn’t go quite the way you wanted them to. Try picturing Monday as the day you have the opportunity to do things differently! You’ve had the weekend to recharge, and now you have a new week to prove yourself and make the week count.

Look after yourself

Stop getting so wasted at the weekend that you spend the whole of Sunday feeling depressed, hungover and full of self loathing – alcohol is a depressant after all! Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly; it’s pretty amazing how much a healthy body can impact your attitude towards life.