Living in the UK you probably realise we are currently in the middle of a heat wave with this week set to get even hotter. I know, it’s shocking, we’re actually having a summer! This only means one thing! It’s time to dust off those shorts and those summer dresses and get some sunshine on your legs. If you’re anything like me this is where you realise you’re completely unprepared and have milky white pins which could rival Caspar the Friendly Ghost, but never fear! Here are 5 quick steps to getting the perfect summer legs.

Leg Hair
The best product I have found on the market for quick and painless hair removal is Veet Hair Removal Cream with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Sensitive Skin.

This cream is not only brilliantly effective, but affordable too! Kiss goodbye to razor snags and prickly hairs which just wont go away. This cream will leave your legs feeling soft and hairless for days even after your first use.
The other beautiful thing about this cream is that it’s super easy to use. Simply spread the cream over your legs, wait 5 minutes, use the supplied utensil to scrap away the hair, then simply wash off any excess cream in the bath or shower. Without trying to sound weird, trust me when I say you’ll be stroking your own legs in amazement for days, and maybe even encouraging others to have a quick stroke too?chilling-cross-dress-feet-1996

After you have removed all of your unwanted hair it’s time to scrub away that pesky dry skin. For this it’s best to use a grainy or sugar based body scrub. Partially because they work better and partially because they’re better for the environment.

If your legs are feeling particularly scaley you can also use an exfoliating mitt alongside your body scrub. There are a wide number of scrubs on the market with different scents, textures and brands. You just need to find the scrub best suited to you and your skin. For example if you’re looking for cheap scrub shops like Superdrug and Boots do a range of own brand products. If you’re looking for cruelty free scrubs the Body Shop and Lush are the best stores for you. If you’re looking for beautifully scented scrubs Soap and Glory have a fantastic range.
If you have just used a hair removal cream be careful not too scrub too hard as you may cause skin irritation.

Summer Glow
So your legs are now feeling silky smooth and you want to do something about the colour, but you don’t want to turn to fake tan.

There are a number of tinted body lotions on the market which are simply brilliant. They work to hydrate your legs and make them even smoother, but they also add a slight tint to your skin. This is brilliant as you can make your legs as light or as dark as you wish by simply adding layers of lotion.
My favourite tinted moisturiser is Dove’s DermaSpa Summer Revive lotion. They do this in Fair – Medium, Medium – Dark and Medium – Dark Shimmer.

This lotion a gradual tan and is fantastic at adding a subtle bit of colour to your legs. Nothing too dramatic and nothing too orange. Just remember after application to wash your hands. Nobody wants to support orange mitts.
(I just wanted to briefly add that if you’re not a fan of tanning in any way there’s of course nothing wrong with that! Just look at Nicola Roberts. She completely embraces her pale skin and is absolutely stunning. Do what makes you feel most confident and most comfortable.)

Suntan Lotion
I know this is boring, and sticky, but it could save your life (and no I’m not being dramatic). As great as catching a natural tan is, it’s important to protect your skin from the damage the sun can cause. I’m not going to go into this too much because I’m sure you’ve already been told many times what the UV rays can do, just think of this as a friendly reminder to apply that (at least) factor 30 before heading out, and to reapply though out the day.blur-body-care-161608Finishing Touches
Right so you’ve got your legs looking and feeling super smooth, you’ve got your suntan lotion on, what’s left?

Your feet of course! Get some cute sandals on, get those toe nails painted and boom! You’re all set to go and show off your gorgeous summery legs to the world.