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New interactive beer map showcases local beers of the world you can enjoy while on holiday

For those of us that count alcohol as a big part of a holiday, there’s little better than sampling the local beers in an exotic location. Now you can check out the qualities of the local beer in advance, as well as suss out what time to book your flight so you’ll be whizzing through arrivals in plenty of time for Beer O’Clock.

A new interactive Beers of the World Map launched today features the beers that locals enjoy across different countries and regions, with a description of the beer and how strong it is, to decide if it’s for you. 


World Beer Map

This exciting new beer map should serve as a strong asset for the beer lovers who have been sharing their favourite findings on Twitter. It also gives details of the time difference in each country, and just how quickly you can get there to be perched on a bar stool with a pint in hand.

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What are your thoughts on the new beer map?