If there is one thing that students are always in need of, it is more money. Not only are tuition fees in the UK more expensive than they used to be, but the general costs of living have also increased significantly for recent generations. One of the biggest barriers that students must overcome if they wish to cushion the financial burden of their studies, is finding suitable employment. There are plenty of jobs in the capital, but not all of these are flexible enough to work for students. Of the jobs that are suitable for students, there is naturally a great deal of competition for every opening.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! There are certain jobs which are very well suited for students, in fact, in some cases, students are preferred to other types of workers. Below are 5 excellent jobs that any student, regardless of their chosen area of study, would do well to consider when they find themselves seeking employment.

Events and Hospitality

There is a variety of work available in the events and hospitality sector for those who enjoy the atmosphere of festivals, gigs, and similar events. Not only are the venues in which an events and hospitality worker might find themselves in quite varied, but the specific roles required of them once they are there are also subject to a huge amount of variation.

These kinds of jobs are an excellent choice for anyone who is enthusiastic about events management, and who enjoys the atmosphere of large events. You will have to be well organised, and able to handle dealing with any queries or issues effectively.

Bar Work

Working behind the bar is one of those classic student jobs and there are a number of reasons why students are so well suited to this kind of work. First of all, staff behind the bar need to have good social and people skills. Not only will they have to interact with customers on a regular basis, they will also have to be able to manage customers who have had a bit to drink.

The pay for bar work varies considerably depending on where the bar is located. In the more upmarket areas of London, the tips alone from a good bar job can equate to most other people’s total wages.

Campus Jobs

There will be a variety of jobs that need doing on your university campus, many of these roles will be filled by students. Both of the above two areas, events and hospitality, and bar work, are a feature of many campuses. Most university’s have a Student Union bar on campus, and they will also put on events on a semi-regular basis.

The great thing about these jobs is that the requirements are usually very basic, if there are any at all.

Temp Work

For those who aren’t sure what kind of job they want to do and would like to try a variety of potential positions, temp work could be the answer. For example, you can find waitressing work in London from agencies like Staff Heroes. Taking on these jobs as a temp means that you don’t have to worry about the pressures of a long-term commitment.


As you progress through your studies and become more proficient in your chosen area of study, you will soon find yourself in possession of enough knowledge to be able to teach those at a lower level than yourself. Tutoring work isn’t just a great way of earning money either, it will also keep your own learning fresh in your mind.

There are plenty of job opportunities in London for students who want to work. Just don’t expect to land the first job you apply for, chances are you won’t be the only one applying for it.