With the start of the uni year fast approaching, so too is freshers’ week. That guarantees high jinks, generous quantities of alcohol and some new iPhone friends (Android friends are also available).

But it’s a known fact that booze-infused decisions aren’t always the wisest. So how do you get the most out of this first-week tradition, and retain a reputation you’ll be happy with for the remainder of your uni career (and beyond – nicknames stick OK?).

Here are 8 tips to help you survive Freshers’ Week 2018.

Tea & Biscuits

It’s inevitable that someone, somewhere will be feeling homesick (rather than hungover or dodgy curry sick), and a cup of tea is a great way to restore good humour and break the ice. So when you’re packing this summer, be sure to include tea bags and biscuits.

Stay safe

Go out in a group, only used licensed taxis, DON’t walk home by yourself. And on the subject of getting home, it’s worthwhile taking a picture of the front of your new residence and making a note of the address. It’ll help avoid any awkward breaking-and-entering scenarios. Safety in numbers, and you’ve guaranteed drinking-buddies with you at all times.


Leave your cards at home, cash is king. That way there’s no chance you’ll get carried away with your spending and have to economise for the rest of the year: own-brand baked beans can get tiresome. If your smart phone can pay financial transactions, you’ll need to be smarter. And make sure you hold on to your phone. Around half a million are lost and stolen each year, but around 35% of those devices are left unattended, so zip it up safe. And buy any event tickets you might need in advance – you’ll save a little which means there’s a little more to go around later.

Eat something

Line your stomach before you go out, you’ll last longer and feel better in the morning. And everyone needs to eat sometime.


Freshers’ Week is a time for freebies and Freshers’ Fairs are the place to go. Societies and local businesses are looking for your patronage and are prepared to buy it with a give-away.

Expect mugs, USB sticks and pens, probably branded but still useful. You might luck out with a local business shouting everyone pizza slices, or a goody bag full of grocery essentials, but even if you don’t want it, it’s free, so you’ll probably take it.

And condoms. Expect lots of condoms.

You might want to take a bag.

Don’t reveal everything

Common ground is that you all took A-Levels, but your grades mean nothing in a uni microcosm. And when it comes to revealing secrets, just make sure you’ll be happy to face the revelation in the morning – Fresher’s Week is not the time for deep confessions – your flat mates are still strangers and who knows where allegiances will lie in the future.

Attend lectures

That’s why you’re here after all.

Make like ET

There’s someone waiting at home to hear from you. Give them a call, let them know you’re OK, and maybe order some more teabags.

Enjoy your Freshers’ Week but remember, it is only the beginning. Be sure to emerge with everything sufficiently intact and stories of your first week at uni will last you a lifetime.