A favourite time of year for me wardrobe-wise is summer. Whilst snuggly jumpers and scarves in Autumn are always fun, finding the perfect dress for a sunny day with a matching hat is an even more delicious feeling. My lookbook for 2018 has so far been about experimenting to find new things which work for me and the ones below are ones I think you will love too.

Floral/Pastel Pairings

You don’t want your overall outfit to be too busy, so what I find can work well is pairing pattern with block colour. Have one accessory or item of clothing which is a pretty pastel to keep things light, and for your pattern go with something floral.

The effect is a look which is immediately gentle and flattering but not too harsh. The colour/pattern combo can really help bring attention to the balance and contrast between your choices, making for something which is immediately eye-catching. Also, sticking to the lighter shades for t-shirts and shorts is a must in the heat wave we are having!Lookbook

Dungaree Dresses

If you don’t want to go with a top and bottom contrast, a dungaree dress can be the perfect fit. Because of my obsession with pastels, my go to is in mint green but you can go for the classic 70’s blue if you prefer. Settling midway between smart and carefree, this can be a cute selection for a road trip or day out.

Tip – Pair your dungarees with a stripy t-shirt and some sun glasses to make the most of the block colour/pattern combo and to add a bit of extra brightness.

Jelly Sandals

Another reason I love summer: Jelly sandals! Since their comeback last year, there are so many choices available from most chain and second hand stores alike.

A transparent glittery single strap can make for a good investment in that they go with pretty much any outfit pairing and can also come in handy when swimming at the beach to protect the bottom of your feet. Plus, they’re super comfy for all of those trips you’ll be heading out on with friends.Lookbook

The Denim Jacket

And of course, a classic, never forget the denim jacket! This season I am decking mine out with favourite pins, with a heavy emphasis on my Disney collection. Complimentary to any pattern or shade, this is a timeless choice that you can’t go wrong with.

Take it along on your adventures for when it gets a bit breezy because, in true Brit style, you can never be too prepared for any sneaky rain!