If you’re a new student, whether you’re still a teenager or a more mature student, there are a few things you should know. Starting your new life as a student can be scary, and there’s a lot to do and remember, but in this post you’re going to find a few things you need to know to help you out. This doesn’t outline it all, by any means, but you’ll finish reading with some of the most important things to do in mind.

You Need To Take Health Precautions

Taking health precautions as soon as you arrive in the city you’ll be learning in is really important. You just don’t know what could happen, especially if you plan on getting involved in freshers week and other events, which can be a bit of a blur. Make sure you register with the local GP before you have to, so that it’s done and you can have peace of mind.



Take The Time To Explore Your Surroundings

Take some time to get to know your surroundings so that you feel at home, at least a little at the beginning. Find cheap restaurants to eat in or places that do student discount, find places with Wi-fi so you can get work finished, and figure out where you can hop in a taxi after a night out. You may also want to locate the hospital, just in case.

Keeping Track Of Your Spending Is Imperative

As a student, you’re probably not going to have that much money coming in if you’re relying on your student loan, or even if you have a part time job. You need to take out cash and be frugal,

only carrying your bank card for emergencies. It can be tempting to get a little too ‘spendy’ when you first get your student loan, even if you’re just buying a round of drinks for everyone during freshers week. Be smart and make that money last!

Try Not To Let FOMO Get The Best of You

Fear of missing out is real, but you don’t have to attend everything during freshers. This is a quick way to experience physical and emotional burn out, not to mention a raging hangover. Only do the worthwhile things and take a break if you need to.  

Make Friends With Your Flatmates

First-year students may choose to stay in halls as they are protected by the university and it’s an easy way to meet new people. However, privately-rented housing and off-campus university accommodation exist as alternatives which are more popular with mature or postgraduate students. Manchester Apartments are a good example of this. Whatever you choose to do, keep your personal space clean so as not to annoy anybody and aim to make friends with your flatmates. Flatmates are often the first group of friends you make as a student, and they could even be friends that you have forever.

Being a new student can be scary and exciting all at the same time. Enjoy it!