TotallyMoney recently published a report on the living costs of the 50 best ranked universities in the UK, as decided by the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018.

The survey considered the essential outgoing of rent, along with some necessary luxury items like the gym or the cinema, as well as food and alcohol costs. The results pitched the University of Warwick in the top spot.


Comparing the three main ingredients for a night out – a (Wetherspoon) pint, a kebab and a cab home – which of the top 10 universities in the list leaves its students the most strapped for cash, and which offers its students the cheapest nights out?Nights out

In at 10 is the University of Essex. It ranked number 10 in the original report too, but with an average cab fare of £12, you could be forgiven for choosing to walk home and spending that on another four pints instead.

Number 9 is the University of Bath, which has dropped from its original position of number four. At £9, its taxi fare home does put it in the top three most expensive in our list, but a kebab here will cost you £6.90, three times the cost of the average pint.

East Anglia was number two and is now listed at number 8. It too has an expensive ride home and a pretty hefty price on a donner, but it also has the second most expensive pint on the list. Birmingham comes in at number 7, a place lower than its original rating. Number 6 is Swansea, and it’s down to the expense of the cab and the kebab it falls three places. Warwick slides from the top place to number 5, with an average night out costing £1.31 less than Swansea, around £12.88.Nights out

Number 4 is Keele, which boasts the cheapest pint of all ten universities – just £1.99. Queen’s University, Belfast storms up the chart with one of the cheapest taxi fares (£4), hampered by the most expensive pint of our ten best value venues, but still happy to have risen from eighth position to number 3.

Just pipped to the winning post is Nottingham. Originally voted the ninth best value university, it holds the runner-up spot for reasonable prices across the board, but our winner is Manchester. At just £10.19 for a pint, a kebab and a cab home, it’s the second cheapest place to buy a pint and the kebabs are the cheapest.

So there it is. Have a great night out!