From formals to theme parties, organizing any event with your sorority sisters can be a lot of fun. However, it takes a great deal of hard work to pull off a great party. Here are some tips that will make it easier to plan a sorority party:

Getting Started

The hardest part of planning any sorority party is probably choosing a theme. Of course, you cannot keep using the same tired themes. This means that you need to get creative and come up with a few that you think everyone else will like then email them to your sisters. This way, every sister will feel included in planning the event.

As soon as you choose a theme, you should set a date for the party. Select a date that is convenient for most of the chapter members. If you want to have a dress code for your party, you should let all the sisters know beforehand. Are you having a sorority rush?

You can ask the girls who are rushing to either wear any clothes that they feel comfortable in or buy special dresses from sites such as


If your chapter has a large house that can accommodate everyone during the party, it will be a fantastic option. When looking for a venue, you first have to know the number of guests that you will be hosting. Make sure that you also take into account the entertainment and refreshments before choosing a location. When choosing a venue, the goal is to strike the perfect balance between fun and functionality.

Food and Drink

After you find the perfect venue, you need to move on to food and drinks. Do you want your party to be a sit-down dinner or cocktail party? Before making this decision, you need to consider your budget first. When you opt for a formal dinner or cocktail party, you will need to have enough seats for your guests.

For sisters who are above 21 years of age, you should include an open bar at the party. Do something nice for sorority sisters with a sweet tooth; for instance, you can order vending machine candy at



Now that you have the venue in mind and know the food you will be serving, you should start thinking about the entertainment. You can amp up your party by inviting a live band or DJ to play during the event. When choosing entertainment, you should think about your theme and choose the type of entertainment that matches it.

Because a party is one of the most fun events for a sorority, you need to make it unforgettable. If one of your sisters is good with a camera, you should ask her to take pictures and record videos for posterity. If not, you can always hire a photographer to capture the best moments.

Party Favors

Nobody is ever too old for party favors. You should consider ordering some custom made koozies or cups with the event information and your Greek letters. You can also order some custom t-shirts so that everyone will have a souvenir. When it comes to keepsakes, there are plenty of options from which you can choose.

Whatever you decide to give your guests, party favors will make it easier for them to remember all the fun that they had.

Now that you know the right way to plan a sorority party, you should start organizing the event of a lifetime. Because you cannot do everything alone, you should ask for help from your fellow sisters at every step of the way to make your work easier.