Ready for Freshers’ Week? Chances are you’ll spend your first few days at university trying to find your way round campus, settle in to your accommodation and make new friends. But you’ll also probably be attending a party or two.

It’s polite to bring a bottle (or two), but you could also bring along a bag of ice breakers – party games that are a lot of fun. And they don’t have to cost a fortune. If you want to ramp up the stress levels and generate some noise, add some tunes: our favourite cheap party games are listed below.

Cheap Party Games for Freshers’ Week

Card Twister

What you need: All you need is your trusty phone and the Card Twister App.

The rules: Here’s how it goes… round up your buddies, pick a deck, and let the twisted challenges and questions roll in. But be warned, if you can’t handle the heat, you’ll have to pay the penalty!

The winner: The goal? To be the least punished player by the end of the game.

Play to the tune of: Grab your favourite pregame playlist and let the twisted fun begin!

Hanky Panky

What you need: a box of tissues.

The rules: each player has a box of tissues, placed on the table in front of them. Using their non-dominant hand, they must remove the tissues from the box individually, placing each on the table before moving on to the next tissue.

The winner: whoever empties their box of tissues first.

Play to the tune of: The Countdown theme tune.alcohol-alcoholic-drunk-52507

The Cookie Monster

What you need: a pack of round, flat biscuit.

The rules: each player sits on a chair with their hands behind their backs, and places a biscuit on their forehead. They must then pull different facial expressions and move their heads to move the biscuit down their face and into their mouths.

The winner: the first monster to get their cookie into their mouth.

Play to the tune of: Flight of the Bumblebee.

Malteser Triathlon

What you need: Maltesers, drinking straws, a glass of water, a piece of A4 paper.

The rules: there are three events to be undertaken, in sequence.

The swimming race: place your Malteser at one end of a table (one that won’t suffer damage), take a mouthful of water and blow it out through a straw to swim the Malteser to the other end.

The running race: using a clean Malteser and straw, blow it around the edge of the table. If it falls off, you have to start from the previous corner.

The cycling race: place your Malteser (assuming it survived the last lap) at one end of the table and using your piece of paper move it to the finish line at the other end. You can use it in whatever way you want, providing it doesn’t come into direct contact with your Malteser.

The winner: the person to complete the triathlon in the quickest time.

Play to the tune of: Eye of the games

The Blow Job

What you need: paper or light-weight plastic cups, balloons

The rules: on a table place a line of cups in front of each player. Using only air blown into the balloon, blow the cups off the table. You can blow into the balloon as many times as you like.

The winner: the person to blow all their cups off first.

Play to the tune of: William Tell Overture.