Student life can be expensive, so a little extra income eases the pressures on your purse as well as a job looking pretty good on your CV.

Of course, working is something that has to be balanced with your studies – you’re at uni to get a degree after all – but you are entitled to have a little fun too.

Here’s our pocket guide to the best jobs for students


No matter whether you prefer fast or fabulous, the food and beverage industry is a great place to find a part-time job. If you’re not a 9-5 person, it has the benefit of offering flexibility in your working hours, and there are perks like free meals or discounts. And tips.

Likewise, bar work offers flexible hours and every night’s a party, no matter which side of the bar you’re standing. And you might, just might, get to rub shoulders with a celebrity or two.job


Seasonal retail jobs are a life-saver for some students, and they’re fairly easy to find. You’ll hone your customer service skills, you might be entitled to an employee discount and seasonal work at Christmas means you’ll probably be entitled to join the Christmas party.

There are plenty of careers in retail and with many large companies offering excellent graduate schemes, it could be a foot in the proverbial door. Personal shoppers, visual merchandisers, management and PR, retail is not just working the tills.job


Those people you see outside bars, pubs and clubs handing out leaflets are actually making pretty good money. Flyering has short hours, good pay and the perks could include free shots.

Exercise a little caution – make sure your earnings are not based on commission only, check what your expected dress code is (you might want to pass any promo jobs that stipulate skimpy outfits) and remember that any job where your looks are more likely to secure you work than your academic credentials, probably isn’t a career choice for the future.


Internships are brilliant for enabling you to gain practical experience in the big bad world of work, hone the skills you’re learning at Uni, and get paid. What’s not to love?

Not all internships are paid – some businesses think you’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with them and expect you to do so for free.

Unpaid internships are not illegal, but if your employer is asking you to do something that resembles a proper job – regular working hours doing actual work, as opposed to work shadowing – they could be on shaky legal ground and you might be entitled to at least the minimum wage.job

Don’t forget, if you’re working this summer, you will need to check out how the tax rules affect you and what you earn. Fortunately, The Student Pocket Guide has all the advice you need! Read our article on claiming tax back after summer working.