After rain lashed the UK earlier this week, you’d be forgiven if thoughts of pool parties and bathing at the beach have been banished in favour of umbrellas and bemoaning the end of the summer weather. The good news is that this is a temporary respite (if weather reports are to be believed) and the temperature dial gets turned back up to hot, hot, hot later this week.

Here are some life hacks that will make the rest of your summer that little bit easier – however long it lasts.

The worst thing about the beach has to be the sand – it gets everywhere. So leaving it behind is a challenge. Zip-lock your phone to keep it safe – you’ll still be able to use it: touch screens still work through plastic bags. If your hands and feet are covered in sand, don’t waste water and risk scratching your skin removing it – sprinkle on some talcum powder and it’ll brush off

No cool bag, no problem. Pop your drinks in the freezer and you can not only use them as ice packs, they’ll be cool and pleasant for a lot longer. If wine is your preferred tipple and you want to cool it down, pop in frozen green grapes – it won’t dilute it and you’ll have a boozy fruit treat afterwards.

Summer bugging is an intrinsic part of the summer, but you can keep them away without resorting to shop-bought sprays and swats. Pour mint mouthwash into a spray bottle and spritz over your body – it keeps the mosquitoes away and their breath smelling nice. If you are unlucky enough to get bitten, rub some toothpaste over the lump for instant relief. Cut a lime in half and stud with whole cloves, then place around your seating/dining area – you’ll have a pleasant aroma to enjoy and the bugs will stay away for good.

Doritos – for the bold, and for the BBQ. These tasty triangles are a perfect way to get your BBQ going quickly.

Grab a glass (empty of course), pop your phone inside with the speaker facing up and you’ve got the easiest DIY speaker ever.

Place an empty, clean bottle, stripped of labels, on top of your phone torch for a DIY lantern.

Don’t bend spoons trying to scoop out ice cream. Place your tub in a freezer bag before placing in the freezer and it will be perfectly soft each

Finding it difficult to sleep in the heat? Buy a small electric fan and place ice cubes on a tray in front of it. As the air is blown across the ice it’s cooled down and you get cheap air con.

And if shaving rash *down there or anywhere* is keeping you from stripping off, rub the area pre-shave with baby oil (it softens the skin and the hair) and then, post shave, dab on rubbing alcohol and finish off with liberal unscented deodorant to prevent rubbing and razor bumps. Thanks Cosmo!

Enjoy the rest of your summer (however long it lasts!).