Let’s say you want to mount your newly framed photo on your wall, or maybe there is a hole in the floor (what?!). Would you hire a handyman to do the work, or would you rather save on that and do it yourself?

If you’d like to take your home improvement project into your own hands, you’ll need the proper weapons to make sure you won’t lose the battle. Here are some of the essential tools you’ll need to make sure you won’t end up calling for emergency backup.

1. A hammer – No wonder Thor was invincible. A small claw hammer can be used to pull out and push in nails and bash anything that needs wrecking. For a more significant degree of bashing, use a lump hammer.

2. Screwdrivers – You will most likely unscrew and screw those little hooks in between furniture items and other areas of your home. Prepare different types of screwdrivers (in various sizes) to accommodate any variant of a screw.

3. A saw – You can’t possibly slice wood using an axe unless you’re collecting logs for a fire. For furniture purposes, you need to be more accurate, and a saw is what you need. Different types of saws will cut through metal and plastic. Make sure you use the right kind of saw for the right kind of material.

4. Pliers – To turn and grip knobs, bolts, nuts and other fixtures your hand won’t be able to control, you need a good pair of pliers. It’s not only used to twist or bend them, but they can also be used to lock materials in place.

5. A wrench (or two) – For tightening those nuts and bolts, especially in hard to reach or flat surfaces, you can use a wrench. They also come in different sizes so make sure you get as many as you can to use for anything that needs tightening.

6. Measuring tape – To make sure you get the job done right, you’ll have to make sure all your measurements are 100% precise. Keep a roll of measuring tape at hand so you can guarantee your work won’t need a do-over.

7. A drill – While screwdrivers can do the trick, it could be tedious and time-consuming to secure a hundred screws manually. To save on time and make sure you don’t exhaust your hand (since you’ll probably be using it for other tasks), use a drill to tighten all those screws instead.

8. Wood fillers – If you have wooden pieces in your home that have chips, holes or scratches, you can still save them by using best stainable wood fillers. You won’t have to throw your damaged items out!

9. A paintbrush (and some paint) – Sometimes, all you’ll need to give a wall or a furniture piece an immediate upgrade is some fresh paint. Why have it done elsewhere if you can easily do it yourself for a fraction of the price?

10. Googles, gloves and a mask – The most important tools of all are the ones that will keep you safe. Be a responsible DIY-er and protect your eyes, hands and entire body from the tools you use. No matter how big of a pro you think you are, accidents can still happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry you lost a finger.


Being prepared is vital when doing any DIY home improvement project. You can search for a lot of tips and tricks on the internet to find out how you can do these things more efficiently. Also, for different materials for your projects like plywood and acrylic sheets, you can check out Cut My Plastic. With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be sure to “nail” that project in no time!