Ah, university. It takes all kinds. Whatever you’re interested in, you’re never more than 10 feet away from someone else in your student union who’s probably just as into the weird thing you’re into.

That being said, student unions stock more societies than you can shake an ultimate frisbee at. If you’re shopping around for a something to join, here’s a list of some of the more kooky things can do as part of a society.

Go into battle

If you long for a simpler time full of warriors, wizards, wenches and mead, then one hath simply join one of the many medieval, battle re-enactment and live action role playing (LARPing) societies on offer at most unis.

Staffordshire University’s LARP society even offers members are character creation sheet once you join. Ever wanted to live out your alter-ego as an Elf? You can here!

Host a dinner party

This might not seem so outrageous but considering the amount of boozy nights out most freshers will be on, joining a dinner society might be the most punk-rock thing you can do.

Birmingham’s is called Brum Dine With Me. Pun game strong.

Join the circus

Here you finally have a chance to follow through on your childhood threats to run away and join the carnival.

Circus socs like the fabulously named Flying Teapots in Sheffield will have you doing acrobatics and breathing fire and your pre-drinks in no time at all.

Fight zombies

You never know when complete zombie Armageddon will break out and it pays to be ready. Luckily, your local Human vs. Zombies society will provide you with an opportunity to practice by fighting hordes of the infected with Nerf guns.

Worship Beyoncé

If you’re Beyhive member lucky enough to go to UCL, Yoncé Appreciation Society (yup, that’s YAS for short) will help you worship your lord and saviour. Oh, and if that’s not your thing, there’s a Taylor Swift Society at York.

Keep bees

Speaking of beehives, Sheffield has two (two!) bee hives on campus and offers a Beekeeping Society which does bee conservation and honey tasting socials. Buzzing.

Have a sports movie moment

Whether you want to create your own underdog story by joining a dodgeball team or you want to rake in some house points for Gryffindor (or Griffins if you go to Leeds Uni) by playing full-contact Quidditch these societies will fulfill all your fake film sport fantasies.

Be an assassin 

If the idea of fake killing someone excites you, but you prefer the sneaky-parkour-badass way of doing things, you might consider joining an Assassin’s Guild and carrying out the good work of the Order. Requiescat in pace, Templars.

Anything (but in a onesie)

So this society doesn’t do anything special per se, but the Cambridge One Piece Society organises ‘funsies in onesies’ for anyone that’s a fan of clothing that can be worn as one piece. That includes dungarees and *shudder* mankinis…

Anything (but with 20 minutes notice)

For all you spontaneous types, Newcastle’s 20 Minute Society puts on a variety of quirky events and outings. The catch? You only get notified about them 20 minutes before they start. Last one out of lectures is a rotten egg!