Working in an office can be a challenging job, from the mini-errands your boss wants you to run from almost 9-to-9 to the multiple business papers you have to produce in a day. According to, hectic employees tend to have common errors in drafting their work.

Some of these common mistakes in writing a business paper include the following:

1.   Vagueness

The business paper’s audience should be able to understand the information you are trying to convey as well as entice them to accept your proposal and buy the product. It is important that your business paper be clear for them to do so which is why avoid writing complex sentences that would end up deterring your audience from appreciating and accepting your business paper.

2.   Too formal

Writing a formal business letter is fine; however, it is important to note that not all are in the same frequency as you are. Personally, I write my business papers based on the type of audience I wish to address. Say I want to address kids, I use a language that is much easier for them to understand. Make sure to always remember that adjusting your use of language to your audience will benefit you on the long run.

3.   Repetition

Though repetition is key to understanding and memorizing the language of medicine, it is not for business. Being too repetitive, especially when it comes to business writing, try to use different pronouns or even nouns that can replace your original subject matter.

Say for example, you want to write about detoxification: “This detoxification ointment is good for the skin and I would definitely recommend buying this cleansing agent.” Or something along the lines. Be creative, have fun with words or consult a dictionary if you truly cannot think of a synonymous word.

4.   Abbreviations

In this world full of slang and abbreviations, will you be my complete sentence? Really though, there are so many terms which you can use depending on your field or just the situation alone that using them in a business paper can throw off your readers. Make sure that in writing your business paper, put a ( and ) should you use the abbreviated term for your words in the succeeding sentences.

5.   Roundabout

When I meant roundabout, I meant not straight to the point. In writing your business paper, always make it a point to always be on point. Always dive into the subject matter the moment you work because being roundabout will just make the piece unnecessarily long. Most often than not, long and roundabout papers are the type of papers bosses usually avoid and automatically reject.

So really, even if you are having a long day and have so many paperwork, still try to keep your cool and tact by avoiding simple yet common mistakes employees or even CEOs alike do. Make it a habit to ALWAYS proofread and do the necessary edits to ensure good quality business pieces.