Learning basic English is a vital skill. The English language is used by millions of people from around the globe. You hear and read it all the time from the internet, product packaging, food labels, and so much more.

Because of so, people who start learning the English language gain a significant edge over those who aren’t. May it be for something as complex as a foreign job opportunity or as simple as communicating with new people, we can all agree that learning how to speak and write in English is a skill that everyone must learn today.

Perhaps this is why thousands of people around Europe are starting to look for places to effectively, and efficiently, learn English. One of the most popular choices to learn English in Europe is the UK. However, a lot of people find studying in the UK too expensive.

Fortunately, there are still more affordable options to choose from. One of the best places to learn English in Europe aside from the UK is Malta.

Where is Malta?

Malta is this Europe’s smallest member state. You will find this small nation in the center of the Mediterranean, just 93 KM south of Italy and approximately 300 KM north of the North African coast.

The Maltese archipelago is comprised of three islands including the main island of Malta, Comino, and Gozo. The main island is the largest and most developed out of all three. The second largest island is Gozo. It’s mostly rural, but some parts have been developed for tourism. Last but not the least is Comino. It’s a rather small island that’s inhabited by a few people.

The entire island nation’s official languages are Maltese and English, making it a great location to learn English in an immersive manner.

Aside from the fact that speaking English can be second nature for most Maltese locals, another thing that makes Malta a great destination to learn English is it’s stunning climate. Studying in Malta also opens you up to travel opportunities, considering how Malta is home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

Because of so, Malta has easily risen to one of the best hubs for students to study English in Europe.ferenc-horvath-678125-unsplash

How Many People Are Learning English In Malta?

According to recent statistics, approximately 87,000 foreign people have started studying in Malta as of 2017. Most of those students flew over from France, Italy, and Germany. Research even revealed that Malta has gaines a 13.6% increase in foreign students from 2016 until 2017.

Statistics have also shown that 32.2% of all students learning English in Malta are aged 15 years or younger. Moreover, 59.7% of all students happen to be females. And 71.5% of all these students are taking General English courses in Malta’s ELT schools.

And here are the 3 most popular English schools in Malta;




Benefits of Learning English in Malta

Aside from the stunning landscapes and tourist spots in Malta, you may also experience these following benefits if you choose to study in Malta:

  1. Immersive Experience

Since English is one of the official languages in Malta, you will be able to learn English in a much more immersive manner. You will have the opportunity to practice your new English skills with both tourists and natives. Some classes even take place outdoors in one of Malta’s many picturesque landscapes.

  1. Feel Welcomed

A lot of students studying in Malta are staying with a host family. These Maltese natives offer great support for students, often boosting their confidence and making their overall stay more comfortable. People in Malta are naturally friendly, making it a go to place for people from around Europe to study the English language.

  1. You Can Easily Find A Job

You won’t always spend your time studying in Malta. This means you can take the time to get yourself a job and earn a couple of cash. With the boom in the Maltese economy, there are plenty of jobs in Malta right now. To find a list of available jobs right now visit; https://www.vacancycentre.com/

  1. You Can Make Friends with People From Around the Globe

Millions of people flock to Malta every year for its wonderful tourist spots. Being so, Malta offers all of its student occupants the opportunity to connect with people from around the world. Another great thing about this is that the various blend of culture can help you become a more fluent English speaker over time.

  1. You Can Stay at Some English Schools

Malta is filled with lots of English schools. There’s actually approximately 40 English schools in the mainland alone. Each school offers various courses for different levels of expertise and ages. You can even stay in certain schools. Some english schools offer their own accommodation, while other don’t. To find a nice place for rent, you can go to websites like airbnb.com or something local like https://www.maltasothebysrealty.com/rentals/

Final Thought

Malta has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, things to do, nightlife, restaurants and bars. It is very multi culture with a booming economy and diverse job market. But most importantly, the people are very friendly and helpful and it’s a great safe place to live and learn new skills. Good luck!!