It was in an old pub overlooking a canal on the outskirts of Cambridge, enjoying one-too-many pints, when the pedals for Quella were set in motion.

From the cobbled streets of Oxford to the animated back-streets of Tokyo, our bikes are found in the hands of an eclectic mix of commuters, athletes and fashionistas alike.  Our bikes are the perfect antidote to a world becoming increasingly homogeneous in nature.

Whether needing a daily single gear to dart between campus, town and the local watering hole to those graduating needing their first cycle to tackle that daily commute, there will be a Quella to suit.

Our best selling Classic Matt Black Nero is £349 and available in four frame sizes

The Nero provides you the option of selecting 8 different colour wheelsets.


Our Varsity range starts at £449, with a Cro-mo frame and unique paint finish, select from four designs.


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All our bikes offer the option for mudguards and panniers and we also offer a range of accessories and discount bundles to accommodate your everyday cycling needs.

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Welcome to Quella.