Thrill seekers can now up the ante with a limited time Night Adventure coming exclusively to Go Ape Battersea.

For those looking for a unique blood-pumping experience then look no further than Go Ape at night. Enjoy the high ropes of Battersea under the cover of darkness.

Night Adventures at Battersea, London are happening throughout October. The heart-racing tours begin after dark and the experience involves a short brief, getting harnessed up before heading onto the course to complete highest loop which is over 13 metres high.

Take advantage of the darker nights and embrace the darkness this Autumn and experience the newest dark adventure offering from Go Ape. Gather your friends together and head up into the trees for this limited time event in London.

Go Ape Battersea is the brand’s first urban location in the heart of the capital. The high ropes course in Battersea Park combines a range of challenging and exhilarating activities.

Let your imagination run wild as you soar through the night on this unique Go Ape adventure.

Choose from a number of After Hours Adventures happening at Go Ape’s across the UK this Autumn – Head to for more information and dates.

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY at Go Ape Battersea – Don’t miss out! 

Battersea After Hours –  £21 (aged 10+) 

18th October – sessions running from 6pm

19th October – sessions running from 6pm

20th October – sessions running from 6pm

25th October – sessions running from 6pm

26th October – sessions running from 6pm

27th October – sessions running from 6pm

To book please call the Go Ape booking centre – 01603 895500

For more information or to attend one of the night time events please contact

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