The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days. The InTouchLink platform has been built from the ground up to service retirement homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care/skilled nursing facilities. It offers featured 24*7 large screen displays with information beautifully displayed on high-definition TV screens in common areas, changes can be made in real-time. This smart system is automated to the extent that it quickly updates all the information thereby minimising any manual hassle by the staff members and even valuing the time of its connected members. InTouchLinksenior living solution amalgamates the multi-dimensional features for all the residents in the community. In the event of any meeting cancellation, the system quickly updates the same on its channel and all the connected members are informed about the same through their Resident or Family login portal. Time is precious for everyone and we believe in you having more time for yourself and family.

For residents that are more tech-savvy can access from their computer, iPads, mobile phones and tablets. All what is required is an internet connection and In TouchLink connects you to the largest digital platform for your community. This feature gives you access to your personal mail and photos and videos uploading options. There is an automated calendar on the portal which updates automatically which every change in a particular event. Even if an event is cancelled, the system sends a notification for all to keep themselves updated. This smart software allows you to design your own Christmas card, New Year cars, Birthday and Anniversary cards and attach personal messages and upload photos. This digital platform prioritises the wellness of the residents, seniors and connected family members. The satisfaction comes from the comfortable and easy to use features on the application. The user is offered an access to personalised email, photos uploading, engaging video games, social media access and also shares an update on their health conditions on the system. This is especially useful for the seniors living in the community who may be having health issues. A proactive recording by the system makes everything easy to manage whenever any emergency is called for. This is then calmly handled by all the staff members. A maintaining of the healthy records of the different senior members paves way for a proactive senior care environment. Based on feedback from seniors and technical experts, this real time platform provides an inclusive support to seniors, residents, family members and internal staff members.

This is an All-in-one Digital Platform

It’s been designed in an all-in-one digital platform that has been delivering over the years to best service the senior living industry. The sole objective of this platform is to have senior living partner communities as happy, engaged and full as possible.
There has been lot of thinking to formulate features which makes life easy and creates a healthy cycle for all. This digital platform offers a partnering approach to creating an up growth for connected members.

Further Career Opportunities

For nurses that have progressed from being an RN to a family nurse practitioner and now have an MSN, the Doctor of Nursing Practice would be the next logical choice. At this level, doctorate graduates would be able to take on a higher-level management role and deal with the administrative side while having a say in healthcare operational concerns too. There are also several senior care Brooklyn that hire full-time nurses.