Nasty Juice Malaysian E liquid is renowned for its range of exotic and fruity juice flavours. The first official range was launched in December 2014 which consisted of 3 flavours (Fatboy, Bad Blood and Devil Teeth) since then new additions have been added regularly taking the total number of flavours to 19. Plenty to satisfy the needs of the everyday vaper.

The unique packaging and artistic design of Nasty Juice has captured the eyes of many vapers and industry experts. The sleek Aluminium case, the Aluminium dripper bottle and the Gorilla bottle gives the premium finish to the brand. Along with this the fresh taste of the E liquid is kept locked inside giving the user the tastiest vaping experience every time.

Our passion continued to grow as we branched out to the rest of the world. Pretty soon Nasty Juice became a household brand with huge popularity amongst its fans. As a result of this we won several awards instantly and in 2018 we won the award for being number 1 in the UK as the ‘Industry leader and Best Branding and Marketing’. To date we have whopping total of 18 awards!!!!1

(Vapouround Magazine 2018)

Here at Nasty we have decided to give back to all you students by offering you 25% off a bottle of any of our 0mg nicotine E liquids. Head over to our website and enter the coupon code STUDENT25 at the checkout. Keep it real folks and happy vaping.