LifestyleBids-SPG-Article-pic1The summer holidays are over and you are now either preparing to go back to university or looking forward to starting university life. Sometimes, this can come with the feeling of excitement, ‘now what’ or how are you going to make your finances work or last the long haul.

The end of a restful and relaxing summer break should not end with the feeling of not being sure of what lies ahead but one of looking forward to the journey ahead. If like you, for us it has been the kind of summer that has been filled with excitement from our auction winners who have bagged great auctions for next to nothing.

Our winners have won by having the lowest unique bidders at the end of the auctions. To name a few, Elena (in Surrey) paid £ 11:07p for a VIP flight + 5 star accommodation for 2 people at the Barbados Crop Over Festival, Davide (in Italy) won a Prada Handbag & Sophia Webster Crystal Embellished Sandals for £11:88, Leondre (in London) paid £0.46p for a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and James (in London) paid £18:37 for the Wimbledon Tennis Final VIP experience for 2 with a chauffeur driven car.

The thought of paying as low as £0.01p for luxury break/holiday, VIP experiences, gadgets and luxury experiences always sounds appealing and maybe too good to be true but check this out for more details – LifestyleBids-SPG-Article-pic2

As students, every penny counts and making the pounds stretch always keeps the purse strings and wallet in check. We would like to share ways that managing your finances might help in the coming academic year:

  • Decide what your costs and income are likely to be and draw up a budget.
  • Bear in mind that paying your rent is more of a priority than the student union’s tequila night.
  • Work out early in the term whether you’re going to need a part-time job and certainly before you run out of money to pay the bus fare to get to it.
  • If you’re struggling, ask for help. The earlier you get support the less likely it is your finances will get out of control.
  • Banks are keen to help out students, because they are likely to bring in money in the future. They are sympathetic and can permit modest overdrafts to ease money problems. Make sure to be careful when weighing up different the offers available.
  • The social scene – whether it be the cinema, nightclub, eating or drinking out – can be a significant cost. Keep an eye out for student discounts and offers.
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