Self-diagnosed Coffee addict Joey Crutchley gives a list of all the best brunch spots to check out in Manchester. Whether you’re brunching with friends or alone, these places are perfect to have that mid-morning meal or just simply a good cup of coffee. 


With stylish and contemporary interiors Porter & Cole, located on the ground floor of the One Smithfield Square apartment complex, promises brunch, lunch, locally roasted artisan coffee as well as stylish and cosmopolitan gifts to browse and buy. The store is named after the owner’s dogs and with funky light fittings and greenery worthy of an Instagram post this coffee lounge / lifestyle and concept store is the latest to capitalise on the trend for home “inspo” while sipping on a freshly brewed coffee. With the owners sourcing all their sustainable products personally, evidently they have impeccable taste. Although I just ordered a flat white and no food, the flat white was enough to entice me back again!IMG_5144


Located in Northern Quarter, Evelyn’s café and bar delivers big, bold and brash flavours. Potless plants hang in the windows contrasting against the white walls softening.IMG_4576

out the standard Northern Quarter industrial vibe. Ordering buttermilk pancakes with honeycomb butter and blueberries I didn’t know what to expect however upon first taste I was incredibly surprised. The pancakes were soft and fluffy; cutting into them was effortless while the citrus flavour from the blueberries were contrasted by the rich and full taste of the honeycomb butter. Although the restaurant can feel quite cramped, I was reassured to know that the basement below was currently in full conversion.IMG_4580


This Melbourne inspired coffee shop sees the brightly coloured exterior immediately becoming an inspiration for breakfast in an otherwise mundane and grey neighbourhood surrounded and saddled with continuous building work. Breakfast and brunch dishes are served well into the afternoon, before a bar vibeakes over and cocktails and beers are the star of the show. The poached eggs are fluffy and seasoned with pepper and parsley. The toasted sourdough is crunchy and an amazing accompaniment to the fluffy cloud- like eggs. An array of vibrant colours bursting with flavour are evident in the muesli bowl I ordered. Shredded coconut contrasts the bitterness from the Greek yogurt while being strengthened through the sweetness from the fruit and oats. A Mocha is made with real chocolate as opposed to powder. The orange juice I ordered was home-made, full of zing and citrus flavouring.IMG_7442


A contemporary urban venue with a sensual vibe allows customers to have an enjoyable experience while dining here. Industrial themes with wooden floors, exposed brickwork and painted pillars are evident here. Light and dark grey colours are contrasted through the light seeping through the floor to ceiling windows giving an airy and spacious vibe. A Latte in Manchester can mean one or two things. i.e. coffee with pretty much a gallon of milk mixed in or the perfect combination and ratio of espresso and milk: Ezra and Gill achieve the latter to full affect.

I ordered a Greek yogurt breakfast bowl served with shavings of dark chocolate, orange segments and pistachios. Spooning the yogurt, a shaving of dark chocolate and a piece of orange instantaneously create a combust of flavour in your mouth. Terry’s chocolate orange; Eat your heart out.IMG_7696


Located in a Victorian arcade (Barton Arcade), this airy café offers gourmet coffee, tea and snacks. With lovely low lighting and reclaimed floorboards adding to the atmosphere it has a laid-back appeal. Clutching a novel, I curled up on a comfy chair and sipped on my coffee, served with a delicate and crisp, Rosina curl biscuit. I watched as cosmopolitan crowds came to and from the coffee bar with silver trays and signature red mugs adding a touch of colour to this cosy coffee shop. Inside, embracing the beautifully and finely detailed Victorian back-drop of the historic arcade, it has a fresh look finish however still manages to have a comfy and classic ambiance with the use of low hanging lights.IMG_1008