Health Protection Report, Public Health England, June 2018:

  • In 2017, there were 422,147 new diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) made in England
  • The impact of STIs remains greatest in young heterosexuals 15 to 24 years; black ethnic minorities; and gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men

In a perfect world no one would choose to wear a condom but now, more than ever, condoms are essential wear! Condoms have a number of benefits to both you and your partner and they remain the only form of contraceptive protection against STI’s. Along with other methods, condoms can also help to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms are potentially life-saving and compared to hormonal contraception, which can cause all kinds of unpleasant and long-term side effects for many women, they are user-friendly! Wearing a condom should be seen as no different to wearing a helmet when riding a bike and people should take pride in their efforts to protect their sexual health.

Skins Sexual Health have made it our mission to change the perception of contraception by producing a premium quality condom at a good price and one that people are proud to buy, unashamed to carry and ultimately enjoy wearing. Our condoms have been lovingly designed to make the wearer look good and feel good – with a focus on creating a product that is as natural as possible, they almost feel like a second Skin!

Why Choose Skins Condoms?

From a survey with 400 students at the University of Lincoln, 82% of students said Skins Condoms appeal to them!

  • A commonly cited reason for not wearing condoms is due to the tell-tale smell. All Skins are infused with a subtle scent of vanilla making them a pleasure to use.
  • Skins are individually wrapped which means there is no risk of tearing another condom which could dry out and makes it easier to access in the heat of the moment.
  • After teeth and nails, lack of lubrication is the third highest cause of condoms splitting. Skins offers better protection and greater comfort by adding a little extra lubrication to every condom.
  • We wanted our brand to be as transparent as the product itself so Skins make choosing quick and easy with clear, simple and discernible product names.
  • Safety is paramount when choosing a condom. All Skins are manufactured to the highest and most up to date safety standards.
  • To make Skins ultra-clear and strong, we go the extra mile to source only the very best latex from regions with the best rubber growing conditions in any particular year.

Top Tips on How to use a Condom:

  • Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Check they are in date (expired condoms lower effectiveness)
  • Wear one every time! Condoms aren’t just for “sex”. They are a barrier to infection and should be worn regardless of whether it’s vaginal, oral or anal!
  • Tear one side of the condom, taking care to ensure sure that you do not damage the condom when doing so. If you have any concerns about the condom (tear, look, feel) throw it away and open another!
  • If you or your partner is not circumcised, pull back the foreskin before rolling on the condom.
  • Pinch the top of the condom to emit air that may be trapped. This helps the condom to collect semen and increases the effectiveness.
  • Roll the condom to the base of the penis while smoothing out any air bubbles.

Whilst putting a condom on correctly is essential, it’s just as important to take it off correctly to avoid risk.

  1. Pull out immediately after climax to avoid losing erection
  2. Hold on to the base of the condom to keep it intact
  3. Throw the condom away after you have finished
  4. Use a new condom if you plan to engage in further sexual activity – NEVER use the same condom twice!

Condoms Myths – Fact or Fiction:

“It’s safer if you use two condoms.”

FICTION! Using two condoms is NOT better than one as they are more likely to break. 1 condom = 1 single use. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, have a few at hand so you can use another whilst you recover.

You don’t need a condom if you’re having oral sex.”

FICTION! Yes, you absolutely do! Gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes can be passed on this way.

“Condoms are the only form of contraception that protect you from STI’s”

FACT! Condoms are the only method that act as a physical barrier against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

“My girlfriend is on the pill, so we don’t need condoms”

FICTION! You might be protected against pregnancy but you won’t be protected from STI’s. Also, if your partner forgets to take a pill or has been vomiting, the effectiveness of the pill is lowered and she could still get pregnant.