It is quite obvious that International Students may face difficulties in Universities when they arrive. Not only social barriers, but educational.

Primarily, language issues are most prominent. Due to language constraints, it is difficult for international students to completely comprehend teachers’ instructions or what they demand from students. Also, professors will be unable to understand what international students may require if they don’t speak up for themselves. The language issues could definitely increase the overall burden on international students. For instance, if an English speaking student completes a task in 60 minutes, an international student whose first language is not English might take three hours to wrap up the same assignment.

At universities, student life for international students is also an uphill challenge. Students are normally overburdened by the number of assignments and writing tasks given by their supervisors. In this context foreign students directly need immense effort and hard work or constant help from their fellows or supervisors. Also it has been observed that international students are inclined to third party Essay writing services cheap helping reducing their academic burden and meeting educational pace.

However, this is not just the matter of English language expertise for foreign students, academic and emotional boundaries will also be tested in International universities. Untitled

Usually, international students are shining stars in their relevant countries. Therefore, it becomes very frustrating for them when they no longer stand out. It is natural for foreign students to get discouraged when they are not achieving the same grades as they used to achieve in their countries.

Institutional culture and educational techniques may also vary from country to country. For instance, colleges in the UK and US are more centered to student’s participation in the classroom. It is evident that foreign students had different approaches and methods of study in their own countries as compared to those to be followed in international universities. The way an international student may pursue their educational degrees in their own country is not appropriate as per UK or US educational standards. Hence, they require more hard work and constant assistance from fellow students. International students may struggle in use of academic resources to finish given assignments.

How to fix this?

International students must seek help to address the social and linguistic challenges to improve their social and literary performance. In any case, when they have problems in their classes, they will most likely be unable to find the reasons and their proper solutions. Major responsibility lies on the shoulders of international universities to evolve such a mechanism and culture which can help foreign students to get settled on foreign land.

It is strongly recommended for international students to always look out for guidance from fellow students and professors rather to stay isolated. Student societies are also there to help foreign students.

The undeniable advantage of joining a student society is the impact it will have on your social life. You will meet individuals who share an enthusiasm with you, and you will broaden your social network beyond your course and the people you live with.

Social Barriers

Foreign students who are new to the international environment may feel helpless to establish the same social networks they had usually in their own countries. Actually, international students have limited or no social networks. Most international students just spend time with individuals from their own country.1

As a matter of the fact, the struggle with language has barred international students not to effectively participate in university and social activities. Apart from language and culture, shyness is another factor that impedes international students to participate.

Some Useful Suggestions:

  1. Try not to isolate yourself from others. Always keep smiling and be friendly with people regardless of where they from, what culture or religion they belong to. Be open to the outside world.
  2. Always attempt to discover societies, social clubs and student associations for international students in universities.
  3. Cultural integration and harmony means adjusting to the new culture and society while preserving your own character. It is unhealthy for people not to accept other cultural and social values. People must have such courage to respect others’ social norms while retaining their own character.
  4. The main responsibilities lie not only with international students but also with universities. There ought to be services offered by universities and a supporting structure in place that would empower foreign students to be more incorporated into campus and more active in social life. Universities should arrange more events in which international students can join and associate with others.