Remember the days when we used telephones strictly to call people? Or floppy disks to save some tiny kb amount of data? Well, look at us now. Who would have thought we would not only be able to carry our phones from one place to another but also use it as a multi-tasking device? Don’t even get me started on the amount of data we are now able to store using various devices like pen-drive, hard-disks, memory cards and what not. The technology has been gearing up so fast in many ways and in various fields. Not far are the days when even more high tech devices will crop up to make our lives even easier. Read on to know about these exquisite devices which are waiting for us in near future.

  1. Augmented reality headsets

Augmented reality headsets are soon expected to enter into the league of digital devices to provide us with an awesome experience. Just like VR headsets, AR headsets are display devices that can be head mounted. It has a physical display optic lens through which a user can be able to see the digital display of virtual images, animation, games, videos etc.

An AR headset enhances the reality-based environment by adding visual simulation to provide an impeccable display to the viewer.

  1. 5G network and smartphones

While most of us have gotten accustomed to the 4G LTE networks and its high-speed services, 5G technology is prepping up to provide its users’ even more compelling services. To begin with, one of the most needed and captivating services will be high data rates. While 4G peak data rates vary from some Mbs to up to 1Gb/s, 5G is expected to take the game to a whole different level with its peak data rates going up to a massive 20Gb/s. We can access top bingo sites with this mind-blowing speed. Other features include ultra-low latency, massive device connectivity, extremely high bandwidth and many more. The standards of 5G technology are yet to be set but we are sure to experience an exemplary lifestyle with high-speed smartphones, excellent smart home devices and what not.

  1. Real-time diagnostic Implants

By 2020, we can also expect some exceptional devices in the health care section as well. Real-time diagnostic implants can be used to identify the diseases in human bodies beforehand and can also help them cure at the earliest. These could include pre-diabetic conditions, cancer and the other immune system related diseases. The gadgets could come in the form of wearable devices or patches or some consumable particles.

There were reports in 2014 claiming Google of developing tiny magnetic particles that would be capable of looking for biomarkers that can indicate any kind of disease present in the human body like cancer or upcoming heart attack. These particles can be delivered through pills.

  1. Battery-free gadgets

Days are not far when you can absolutely stop worrying about charging your devices every now and then. There are reports that researchers at the University of Washington have developed an awesome tech that will enable gadgets to perform just by harvesting the energy from nearby mobile, radio, TV or Wi-Fi signals.

With such a tremendous technology and ultimate devices, we can surely expect our lifestyles to ease in the coming years.