You have the student loans and the freedom to cook and eat whatever you please! But every night ends the same – instant noodles. But what if we told you, you can still have instant noodles every night whilst shaking things up and keeping it interesting? Check out these instant ramen upgrades!

Ramen Egg

It’s ramen tradition! They make for a delicious topping that add colour and protein to your noodles. It’s essentially a soft boiled egg with a custard-like yolk marinated in soy sauce and mirin.

Coconut Milk

Adding coconut milk to your ramen broth will turn it into a creamy soup full of flavour! If you really love coconut, you can also cook your veggies and/or meat in coconut oil.

Add Beef

If you toss your beef in corn starch before cooking, it will give your beef a little more chew and thicken up your broth wonderfully.Japanese Food Noodle Soup Ramen Noodles Ramen

Add Peanut Butter

It might sound strange, but it will give your ramen dish an amazing peanutty flavour – similar to peking style sauce! Alternatively, why not make your very own peanut-sesame sauce?

Add Raw Veggies

The best thing about ramen is its versatility! If you don’t want to make too much extra effort but feel the need for a little goodness in your ramen – simply chuck in some raw veg such as peeled carrot or bean sprouts!

Swap Your Flavour Sachets

Yes they might taste good – but they get boring and are completely artificial. Why not replace it with some chicken stock for a great, more natural tasting flavour?

Spice Things Up

Why not chuck in some grated ginger and garlic? This will give your ramen a more traditional taste and is far more exciting than just the flavour sachet by itself.

Use Your Leftovers

Have some leftover chicken from your family roast? Throw it in with your ramen! Who said your ramen noodles just have to be… noodles?