Healthy Hair

If you’ve got a pot of solid coconut oil, running it under a warm tap for a few minutes will leave you with a runny and natural hair conditioner. Simply wash and shampoo your hair as normal before taking roughly a handful of the oil and running it through your wet hair from root to ends. Twist your hair into a bun and leave for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out leaving your hair shiny, soft, and hydrated.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Cleaning makeup brushes is a tedious task that needs performing frequently. But you don’t need an expensive brush cleaner spray from Boots or Superdrug! Simply mix one part coconut oil with two parts antibacterial soap – this will easily separate dirt from the bristles of your brushes making cleaning them a real breeze!

Beautiful Skin

Coconut oil isn’t just for cooking! It also works as a moisturiser. Use the oil as a solid balm and apply a thin layer to your skin after showering to allow your skin to really absorb it. It leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. (And smelling great!)coconut-oil-food-glass-532076

Shaving Gel

Instead of drying and damaging your skin with harsh chemicals found in shaving foam, use your coconut oil for a softer, gentle shaving experience. The shave is closer and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and less irritated.

Whiter Teeth

One of my favourite uses of coconut oil is using it for “oil pulling” which is a method of cleaning and whitening your teeth. Take two teaspoons of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth pulling it in between your teeth for 20 minutes. This eliminates bad bacteria from your mouth and helps to remove stains and tartar build up. It’s not the best tasting, but it really works!

Soften Cuticles

Tired of those straggly bits of skin hanging from the end of your fingers around your nails? Apply a pea-sized amount of coconut oil to the affected area and it will soften the damaged skin there and prevent cracks and tears. It also encourages the growth of healthy, strong nails!