Blackjack takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. It is a multi-layered process. You can learn the basics of the game pretty easily but learning move is the best in a particular situation is something else. If you are a beginner and want to try the game out, here are our top 5 skills that you need to master before diving into the game.

Learning strategies

If you love Blackjack, you need to check out the different types of strategies that are used by players around the world. This will allow you to have an edge over the house (if used properly).  You can also use Blackjack strategy cards to cross-check the dealer’s hands and the player’s hands. If you are good at these strategies, then you can use Stand and Hit whenever necessary. Learning the odds in Blackjack can also improve your Blackjack skills in the casino.

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Memorise the Blackjack rules

This does not mean knowing the card values and how to play the game. It means that you need to know when you need to double down and when to split. You need to research and check out the other variants of the game such as Atlantic City Blackjack and Spanish 21. Check out the house rules and game-plays of professionals before walking into a casino. You will find a number of blackjack strategy cards online. If you want to learn what is the best move in every situation, you have to start slow and study the chart.

Learn to split bets

Learning to split bets is another essential skill that you have to master. If you have an advantageous card, then splitting is a good move as it basically allows you to enhance your odds of winning. You will be able to double your bet as you are betting on two advantageous hands instead of one. If you have eights or aces, it is better to split them. If you have a pair of 5 or 10, do not split them.

Don’t take insurance

After the cards are dealt, if the dealer finds an ace in his first-hand card, he will offer to play an insurance bet. It basically means that you have to place an additional half of your original bet in the hope that the dealer will have a Blackjack card. This trick may come in handy if you are good at Blackjack and counting cards. Keep in mind that the likelihood of your winning the bet and the dealer having an insurance card is 9:4. This means that if you play the insurance bet 130 times, you will lose 90 times and win only 40 times. Just don’t go for the insurance.

Counting cards

The famous MIT team was one of the first to use these techniques and managed to win millions of dollars in various Las Vegas casinos. If you have mastered the basic strategies, then it is time to learn how to get good in card counting.  This will allow you to keep count of every card that has been dealt with and what card is likely to be dealt with.