There is no doubt that being a student is tough: juggling assignment due dates, hobbies, friends, part-time jobs or lack thereof and money.  University can be a really stressful time.
We all have different ways of distressing. Some people go to the gym, hang out with friends, head to the pub and others enjoy to dabble in some aromatherapy, myself included. I’ve been there before, I’ve been a broke, stressed-out student looking for a way to take the edge off – in fact, I’m literally there right now!
On my broke-stressed-student journey, I am always on the lookout for the best and newest vaporizer that won’t break the bank. And low and behold, I stumbled across the Totem Vaporizer.

Heating and Temperature

This vaporizer is making its way into a flooded marketplace, so, what sets the Totem Vaporizer apart from reputable names like the Pax and DaVinci?

We all know that heat and temperature is fundamental to a piece of kit in order to get the best flavour and hit. This is where a lot of dry herb vaporizers fail but where the Totem strikes lucky. This vape employs a hybrid heating system – conduction and convection. While that sounds faintly scientific, don’t worry, all it really does is describe how your vape heats your herb.

  • Conduction – conduction heating works like a kitchen stove, directly heating your herb. In the case of the Totem vaporizer, conduction happens in the chamber.
  • Convection – convection heating is the movement of hot air, similar to how central heating works! As the air moves around the vaporizer, it toasts your herbs to perfection. In the Totem when cold air is pulled through, it gets heated, it dances around your herb and finally, you get a lungful of flavour as the hot air exits your vape through the mouthpiece.

There is an impressive airflow, too. Not too restricted, not too hard – just right.1The Totem comes with four pre-set temperature settings, to cater to every vapers taste. The colours and their respective temperatures are:

  • Blue (330°F/165°C)
  • Purple (380°F/193°C)
  • Orange (400°F/250°C)
  • Red (420°F/215°C)

Look at us learning things, top students or what!

Features and Durability

The Totem vaporizer has to be one of the most durable vaporizers out there.

Thanks to its shock-proof outer coating and splash-proof construction, it’s almost like they built the unit with clumsy-party-goer-students in mind!

With only 110 minutes to achieve a full charge via USB and up to an hour of continuous battery life, the Totem will keep the party going.

If you’re on the hunt for stealth, unfortunately, the Totem is slightly more inconspicuously shaped, but you could easily pass it off as a portable charger. What the Totem lacks for in stealth it makes up for it in its potent and flavourful rips.

Now, for the coolest part and for the first time ever in vaporizer history. The Totem is inter-connectable or stackable. You can double the hit, double the power, double the flavour. Keep building your totem and experience a rocket-fueled rip by combining multiple vaporizers, perfect for sharing with friends.2To Buy or Not to Buy

I am thoroughly impressed with my experience. It’s redefining standards, pushes the status quo and brings you to undiscovered experiences. I cannot recommend the Totem enough – it is the vaporizer of tomorrow.

And if the stackable feature is completely lost on you, the Totem is still a highly durable hybrid vape that delivers on great vapour taste, which ultimately is all you need it to do.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Totem or want to check it out click here to get lost in the magic.