Born in Manchester, and now taking the world by storm, if you’ve been near Instagram (@oneathletic) in the past six months, you’re no doubt already familiar with One Athletic, but now in an exclusive offer with the Student Pocket Guide, the ‘any wear, every wear’ athleisure brand is giving away its biggest student discount ever, with 30% off all full-price ranges…

Let’s face it, for students, gym gear isn’t just reserved for reps. And you are just as likely to wear leggings to lectures, or tracksuits to tutorials. Gone are the days where sportswear has to be scruffy though. With ‘athleisure’ you can go straight from the barbell to the bar, or from mats to the mall.

And while the ‘one size fits all’ approach is never one to be advocated, if we want to stand out from the crowd, that is one style that can take you through a full day, no matter what your plans may be, and that’s One Athletic.

Taking ‘athleisure’ to the next level, One Athletic is fashion and function, style and substance. It’s about attitude not appearance. Specialising in male and female active-lifestyle clothing, the One Athletic logo is worn as a badge of honour in gyms, at expos and shows, and on the street. One Athletic is a team, and each and every member has a duty within the fashion and fitness community; to wear the OA badge with pride; spreading the message of inclusivity, inspiration, and education.

New for 2019, the Firestone 2 collection is eagerly-awaited sequel to the much-loved Firestone range of men’s hoodies, joggers, and t-shirts is proving to be just as popular as its predecessor. Available in black and grey, the slim fit poly hoodie and joggers include the easily identifiable One Athletic tape, which has evolved from the original for an instant upgrade to a much-loved style. The t-shirts take a new twist with the grey version featuring contrasting white armband that show off not only your bulging biceps and triceps, but also make the most of tanned skin, plus a central OA logo embroidered proudly on the chest, which can peak through an unzipped tracksuit top; while the black tee complements the hoodies and joggers with matching tape down the sleeve and a bright white logo on the left pec.

One Athletic is not just for men though, and the Payton women’s collection takes all the core values from the men’s ranges, while adding some sass. Fashion and function, style and substance, the red and black Sports Bras, Vests, Cropped Hoodies, Leggings, and Shorts, flatter the female form while offering peak performance in the gym. Mix and match pieces outside the gym for an ‘off-duty’ look that never fails to impress. And, listen up ladies, if you feel like a new hue, why not try the Lorella range in blue and white, or even sneak a peek at some of the ‘male’ ranges, because those over-sized tees and hoodies are definitely not just for men.