Students arriving at university are being urged to be more vigilant and stay one step ahead of thieves. They are being warned not to show off their new gadgets and valuables as they move in to their university accommodation.

The warning comes from an online student insurance specialist company, cover4students, who say thefts at this time of year are on the up.

The company states, that over several weeks, thieves can turn areas with a high density of students, into crime hotspots as they target the student’s expensive electronic devices, such as laptops and the latest smart phones.

Martin Nugent the managing director of cover4students said: “Theft during the move-in/freshers’ period is less of a problem on university campuses compared to private residences but students should maintain their guard all the same.

He also added, “Many students are aware of the physical dangers associated with one-night stands, but they fail to maintain their guard against theft. Stolen items in these cases range from loose change and money, clothing to expensive items like laptops, phones and other portable items.”

How to Combat Crime: offers the following tips to combat crimes committed against students.

  • When moving in do not leave the car unattended with your belongings in it.
  • Don’t leave boxes on the pavement whilst you go to open the front door.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, such as someone hanging around whilst you unload you stuff.
  • Many thefts occur as the students in question have had too much to drink.
    • Keep your wits about you, by not binge drinking.
    • Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night.
    • If you meet somebody new try to find out as much as you can about them before trusting them with access to your accommodation.
  • Do not leave valuables lying around on display in your room/accommodation.
  • When in public do not flash your cash or valuables, as this could lead to unfriendly interest from opportunist thieves.
  • Tell your friends/flatmates if you are going to spend the night away from your home or indeed you have invited someone to stay with you.
  • Make certain that you have sufficient student insurance to cover all of your items against walk in theft and street robbery.

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