With 2019 having just begun, if you are destined to spend this upcoming year hitting the books and chasing that degree, then BrewDog have something to brighten up those long days on campus – particularly if you love great craft beer.

Up and down the country hard-working students deserve a chance to kick back once their studies are done for the day; and they are working on an extra-curricular project to make that happen. But we can’t do it alone.

BrewDog are taking on ten Student Punks in Living Wage-paid roles to continue their mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are.Brew dogCheck out more detail and apply to be a Student Punk online here!

If you are studying within any of the following British cities and would love to work for BrewDog as a term-time delegate on campus then we want to hear from you:-

– London
– Manchester
– Birmingham
– Leeds
– Nottingham
– Southampton
– Aberdeen
– Edinburgh
– Glasgow
– Cardiff

BrewDog are seeking people with a true passion for craft beer and a recognition that their fellow students deserve better. You’ll be the creator of great ideas, amazing activations and will be happy to get your hands dirty to ensure every job is 100% complete and nailed on. If you can create promotions, social media traffic and know every inch of your campus (and the people therein) BrewDog want to hear from you. 

You can check out more details and apply to be a Student Punk here.

In return, they’ll pay you the Living Wage for your hours worked (plus National Insurance contribution if you are over 21). BrewDog will also supply you with merch and clothing to look the part, a discount in their BrewDog Bars, and another kind of study to do – they’ll support you in taking the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server Exam.

Brew Dog

Brewdog are looking for the best and brightest beer lover on campus, the people who know how to make a difference and are willing to make it happen. If you have a desire to create conversation and a determination to change the world (of beer) with them, then make sure you apply before the closing date of Sunday 13th January. And don’t worry, the role of a Student Punk can be easily dovetailed with your actual studies – we want you to ace that degree you are there for!

They are holding recruitment days for the Student Punk roles in Edinburgh, Manchester and London during the week of January 21st – 25th – and all successful applicants must be free to head to our brewery in Ellon the week after for the mother of all inductions (BrewDog will pay travel expenses for all these events). Make the perfect resolution and help them help you bring amazing beer to your fellow students in 2019. They will absolutely love you for it, take it from us…

You can apply to be a Student Punk online here!