The internet has revolutionised just about every facet of modern life. From the way we order pizza to hailing a taxi, there are few industries that have been left untouched by the on-going mass migration to cyberspace.

Of course, all this disruption presents lots of opportunity across the board too. There are ways to make money that exist today that simply weren’t possible in the pre-internet days. More and more people find themselves earning a side income or even doing their main work from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere else with an internet connection for that matter).

This, of course, means students have loads more potential revenue streams too. Let’s look at some of the more surprising side hustles students use to keep them in noodles and economy vodka, even after the loan dries up.

Online Surveys

We’ll start tame. It’s not exactly a surprise that market researchers want opinions. However, it might come as a shock that they’re willing to pay for them. It’s not much, but there are platforms that will offer a few pence per interview.

Of course, it’s usually mind-numbingly boring and you’re never going to retire on the fortune you amass completing questionnaires about your favourite shampoo or sleeping habits. However, if you’re at a real loose-end during term time, you could scrape together enough for a tin of beans in an hour or two.


There’re big bucks in YouTube these days. For every 1,000 views your videos get you can earn between $1 and $3 depending on what adverts are shown and who’s watching. This opportunity has not gone a miss with students, many of whom have started their own channels and are running very successful businesses alongside their studies.

Some of these channels have over a million subscribers and their daily videos are generating 200,000 views a piece… more than enough to pay off that student loan and some by the end of a 3 year course. When you put brand placement deals and sponsored videos in the mix as well YouTube really is one of the best ways to earn a side income, no matter who you are.

Bitcoin Trading

Buy low, sell high? You got that, kid? If yes, you might find the perfect side hustle for you is being a master cryptocurrency trader. People have made some serious money by buying Bitcoin when it’s oversold and selling it again as the price gets overheated.

If you’ve got a head for numbers or just love charts and profits you could learn how to trade. However, it’s by no means easy in a 24-hour market such as cryptocurrency. It may well distract from studies waiting for orders to be filled at certain price points before you can plan your next move.

Remember too, trading is the same as professional gambling. It’s betting when the odds are in your favour. You won’t win all the time and you must have nerves of steel (and plenty of bankroll) to weather some of the inevitable storms you will face because of your own poor decisions.

Bonus Hunting

A far safer way to earn a bit of cash is to exploit the bonuses offered by online casinos and bookmakers – there’s a good list over at all out slots here. Every time you see something like “bet £50 get £50 free”, that’s an opportunity to profit.

All you need to learn is how to lay bets correctly at an exchange so that you can cover every outcome of a given match or game. The potential for profits here is in the thousands (and you don’t need to get your kit off!).

Alternatively, you could opt for abusing online casino bonuses instead. These are a little more akin to gambling but you only play machines or tables where you have a mathematical advantage due to free money from the casino. You basically just play a perfect strategy on whatever the lowest house edge game you can find is using bonus cash. This is commonly blackjack.

Just Like, Actually Working!

Call them lazy all you want but many students are absolutely fine with just good old-fashioned work. The internet is a fantastic tool to help unite talented individuals around the world with those who need ad-hoc jobs doing for them.

Job marketplace sites like UpWork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are great places to discover employers in a freelance capacity. You’ll find people looking for all kinds of employees too. These range from graphic designers and freelance writers to voice-over-artists and sound engineers. You’d be surprised just what’s out there!