PepsiCo has launched its “Dare To Do More” global student challenge which is looking for graduates from across Europe to identify the next big trend in the food and drink industry.

This 12 week programme is looking for undergraduates with a passion for business to bring forward their creative ideas about what they think the next big sensation is for PepsiCo.

It’s available across the U.K., Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Serbia, Poland, France and Turkey. The successful students will have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world on some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Tim Warner, Vice President of Insights & Analytics, Europe Sub-Saharan Africa and Global Innovation Insights Practice, PepsiCo said:
“At PepsiCo, we’re always on the lookout for the best talent and the Dare To Do More challenge is the perfect way to identify the brightest, entrepreneurial graduate minds.”Pepsico Trendsetter event, and staff portraits, comm by Becky Gloyne and Els RameletUndergraduates that reach the final stage will be given the opportunity to land a spot on one of PepsiCo’s market-leading PepsiCo Go graduate programmes within Europe.

Applicants will go head-to-head and compete for a trip to New York, where they’ll get to meet other winners from across the globe and then be able to present their bright idea to PepsiCo’s global leadership team.

Becky Taylor, Senior Director Digital, Europe Sub-Saharan Africa, PepsiCo said:
“We’re in our third year of running a graduate challenge, and… we’re expecting the competition and ideas to be the boldest yet. If you think you’ve got the next big idea in food and drink, and want to work in an exciting and vibrant company, we want to hear from you.”

Products by PepsiCo are bought 1 billion times a day across 200+ countries around the world which includes household brands like Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana.

Pepsico Trendsetter event, and staff portraits, comm by Becky Gloyne and Els Ramelet

How the programme works:

Stage 1: PepsiCo University

The first stage gives students the opportunity to get an insider’s view into life at PepsiCo. Through a virtual learning experience, graduates can discover more about the company and organise online webinars with both leaders and former PepsiCo Go graduates.

Stage 2: submit ideas

The next stage calls for candidates to submit their idea for what they think the next big food or drink trend is, why it’s the next big thing and how it can be marketed. This can be through the creation of a new product, or by adapting one of PepsiCo’s current products.

Stage 3: mentors help further develop the finest ideas for the final

The best business-minds from the second round will secure a place in the final and get the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of PepsiCo market experts. All finalists will work alongside an experienced PepsiCo mentor to prepare them for the final. They will then be given the opportunity to interview for a position on one of PepsiCo’s competitive graduate programmes, either within the Digital, Insights or Supply Chain team.

The Insights graduate scheme is a 3-year programme, working across Strategic Insights, Consumer Insights and Analytic Insights, ensuring fast progression and real responsibility. These graduates will identify future food and drink trends and help to create business strategies.

The Digital Graduate scheme is a year-long programme working in eCommerce, brand marketing and social media. Graduates will be given the opportunity to shape the future of the food and beverage industry, including influencing what, how and where consumers buy.

The Supply Chain scheme is 2-years and graduates will be given the exposure to different processes and assignments across customer service and logistics, and manufacturing operations.

If you are sitting on the next big idea for the food and drink industry, you can register here.

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