When you’re a student, you can’t avoid lectures. Yes, they remain the most popular teaching method in university, despite their tedious nature.
Why? Simply because a class, in a format of lecture, allows a teacher to reach a big group of students at once.
You need to attend them regularly, and teachers say that you won’t complete the course or pass exams if you don’t attend their lectures.

Not fair, is it?

More than that: most lectures are boring. You try hard to focus on what a teacher is saying, you write some concepts down, but you are so tired and impatient with all this stuff that you want nothing but to escape from a lecture room at that very moment. And you know what? Your teachers understand that. Actually, they knew about that 10 years ago but nevertheless continued practicing lectures. Why? Because it’s an integral part of our education system, and they can do nothing with that.

But you can.
You can survive those boring lectures by spending that time for your benefit. While most students sleep, daydream, chat with friends, or watch funny videos on YouTube during lectures, you can take a step further: do something useful for education and your self-growth instead of wasting this precious time.

Plan Your Study:

Think of your goals during that boring lecture, outline the steps to take for success, make a to-do list for the next week or month, etc. Decide on extra courses, search and write down the information about webinars, student conferences, and other events you would like to visit, and think of organizing a study time for upcoming projects.

Write your essays:

Strong chances are, you have tons of writing assignments to complete. Use that boring lecture to do research, write outlines or drafts, finish your lab reports, find quotes and sources for other projects, or write a review. In other words, concentrate on other tasks. If good in writing, you can go even further: apply to write essays with bid4papers and help other students.


Sometimes it happens that it’s a teacher, not a subject that boring. While your professor tells something with a monotonous voice, open a textbook and read about the topic yourself. Learn the information, find interesting facts, take notes by yourself… As they say, give it a chance.

Ask Questions:

You can try to make this lecture less boring. Engage with the topic, ask a teacher for more details, and take part in discussions. It may appear that the subject is not as awful itself as you thought. More than that, other students will thank you for taking the initiative.

Be Creative:

If a lecture is boring and you don’t want to listen to it right here and now, record it to do it later. And use a lecture time for something you really enjoy: write poems, design a website, draw cartoons, code an app, whatever.

Or, fight the tiger:

Focus on the topic of that lecture and try to understand what makes you think it’s boring. Let alone the speaker, answer the question: why have you come here? Just because you have to, otherwise you won’t get a high final grade for that course? Or, maybe the subject is not that bad, and it’s interesting for you to learn more?

Try to engage with that lecture. What is wrong with it? Too much data, boring graphs and charts, and it’s hard to get the meat of it? Listen carefully and try to focus on the information. This trick can help to kill boredom. All in all, you’ve come here to learn something, right?

But okay, s**t happens sometimes. If you tried hard, striving to take the most out of that lecture, but couldn’t find anything informative and useful there all the same – feel free to leave the room. You know the after-effects, but no one forced you to sit there after all.