Being a student is stressful in itself. So why make it even worse by paying a bunch of money for things that you can get for cheaper? That’s one of the perks of being a student after all. From movies to website memberships, there are thousands of student discounts out there. That way, you can spend your money on the things you really want and need.
When you are looking to make a purchase, go onto the stores website and see if they offer discounts for students. Most of times, there will be special coupons, or discounts if you show your student ID. Here are 5 discounts to take advantage of, and 5 things to spend your extra money on!

5 student discounts available to you

Clothing discounts

There are plenty of stores out there that offer student discounts. Some may be just 10% off, and some may offer more. But either way, a discount is a discount! Just because the clothes are cheap doesn’t mean they have to look bad. There are quite a lot of name brand stores that offer discounts.

 Cheap textbooks

Nowadays, there are so many websites to find cheap college textbooks. There is no need to go to an actual bookstore and pay an arm and a leg for a book that you will open once or twice a semester. Even Amazon offers textbooks, you can purchase physical books, or even rent e-books.

Technology discounts

It’s hard to get anywhere in your academic career without using some form of technology. That being said, sometimes, people can’t afford to purchase big ticket items like laptops or tablets. Luckily, there are some really awesome companies out there that will help you out with coupons. Even stores like Best Buy will give you a discount for being a student. Check out this website for more information.

Phone discounts

Just like with computers and tablets, you all but need a cellphone in today’s society. Do yourself a favor and ask your current cellphone provider if they offer student discounts, chances are they do. If not, try and find another provider that offer discounted services. There are more than you would think.

Insurance discounts

Ahh, yes. It’s that time in your life where you have to start thinking about insuring yourself. Most of the stipulations for insurance discounts are easy for college students. You must be younger than 25, enrolled in a university, and have good grades. If that sounds like you, check out different insurance companies available for a big discount.

5 ways to spend saved money

Online paper writing services

This is probably the most beneficial option to spend money on. Not only you may think, “an online paper writing service can write my term papers for me.” The real fact is that you don’t have to spend so much time doing in-depth research and writing yourself. It means you have a lot more free time along with more money. The perks of these websites are endless. For one thing the writers are professional, they do all the research for the papers, and not only that, the paper written for you is custom to the subject you’re writing about. Plus, the best part is that it’s reasonably cheap! You don’t have to be a great writer to get a good grade now.

Tickets and admission

Heading to the movies is a luxury lately, with the prices of tickets and snacks. But it can be made more affordable with student discounts. If you show your student ID at your local cinema, chances are they will give you a discount on your movie ticket.


Now is the time to travel. You don’t have kids, or work bogging you down. So check out websites like to find cheaper flights, hotels, and even activities that you want to do in cities you would like to explore. You’ll spend less money on travel so that you can enjoy the destination, and maybe you’ll be able to get a souvenir or two.


Whether you want to go to a concert or go out to eat with some friends, there is definitely a restaurant or company near you that offers discounts. The less money you spend on things like textbooks, term papers, and insurance, the more money you have to buy pizza and go to your favorite bands show.

Retirement and various emergencies

This tip probably does sound like it’s as much fun as the others, but it is the most important. You never know if your car will break down, or some other catastrophe will happen. The fact that you’ll have a little nest egg to sit on while you are a student will ease your mind and make it easier to study and work hard for your cap and gown.

Student discounts are a lifesaver – you won’t have to stress so much about finding the right books, insurance, and even a simple coffee. You’ll be able to put your mind to your classes, without the nagging of bills and the stress of not knowing where the money is going to come from. Soon, you’ll be out of college and in the real world, take these opportunities now, and enjoy the little extra perks of being a student.