The last thing students need are cars adding further expense on top of their loans and living costs. After all, a survey conducted in 2015 showed that 40% of students go without food due to money concerns, which is undoubtedly cruel. Consequently, cars, used or otherwise, might seem like the thing that’s firmly at the bottom of your shopping list.

However, if you’ve got some money hanging around, then buying a used car is by no means a waste of money. What if everything you’ve heard so far about used cars is false? What if they’re not rusty wrecks on the verge of conking out permanently?

Here’s why buying a used car is a no-brainer for you, the student!

Cheap yet durable

Not all used cars looks like Simon Cooper’s Fiat Cinquecento from The Inbetweeners. Many used vehicles are just as capable of navigating the roads as newer cars, whether practically or stylishly. The Northern Ireland stock is of particularly good quality and value, with the used cars NI being oftentimes superior to any fresh make or model out there.

After all, the student is the master of buying products on the cheap. It’s time to be crafty and cunning with your money to land that sweet deal, and in the case of used cars, it’s perfectly possible to win big. Do your research, find the right dealer, and you’re guaranteed to find that perfect motor.

Maintaining value

If you buy a new car, it depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot. That is to say, it loses its original value almost instantaneously, and it sinks even lower the more it’s used. If you want a temporary car just to last you for your university years, you won’t be able to sell your new car for the same price you bought it for when university is over. You’ll lose a lot of money in this scenario.

However, if you buy a used car, you will typically be able to sell this for the original price you bought it for after those three years, meaning you’ll get most, if not all, of your money back in the end. Clearly, this is a much fairer and sensible deal to go for. If you just want a car to last you for your studying years alone, definitely go for the used ones for a more cost effective purchase.

 More independence

The most obvious point should be saved until last; students love independence. The car is symbolic of that yearn for freedom, and if you want to undertake student holidays with your pals, a used car will make those dreams possible. Sure, you may need to run your mates to lectures you aren’t enrolled for, or not drink on the odd night out – but it’s all ironic sacrifices that should be made in the name of affordable freedom.

You’ll be also be spending a great deal of time away from university when the holidays roll around. A used car is your ticket to visit your friends who live in other towns and cities. It’ll give your social life that extra edge, opening up the door to more possibilities of fun filled adventures before you inevitably land a boring desk job.

Good luck!