We live in a society that makes us continually buy new things which are more expensive than the ones we already have. But do we really need to go for the most costly item every time? A high price is not often related to being high-quality. In fact, we need to dig a little deeper in order to reach those products which are both affordable and highly functional.

We’ve composed a list of products and brands that are not as popular but have almost identical value as the brands that you know of and pay a lot of money for. And, we searched every nook and cranny of the web to find deals that you might find interesting and affordable. Let’s take a look at them!

Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi smartphones come from China, which is why you can buy them at very affordable prices. Compared to other Android-based smartphone giants such as Samsung, Xiaomi devices are up to 4 times cheaper. The reason behind it is because they are fairly new to the market and so the company needs to reach as many customers as possible in order to stay competitive in the market.

Naturally, comparing the best Samsung smartphone to the best Xiaomi phone may ultimately result in Samsung winning the race, but only by a hair.

Casino bonuses

People who like spending their leisure time playing casino games will probably love the idea that there are online no wagering casinos which are pretty generous. Casino platforms on the web have huge wagering requirements that you must meet in order to be able to withdraw your bonus money. If a casino doesn’t have this type of condition, you will be able to receive a prize and immediately load it to your bank account.

Lenovo laptops

Although pretty popular in the world, Lenovo laptops are not as present in the market as MacBooks; they have been topping every sales list for a long time. However, MacBooks are often overpriced and Lenovo comes in as a great alternative to them.

These are usually Windows or Linux computers and they, overall, have better hardware specifications compared to MacBooks. However, they still lack stability and smoothness in comparison to the computers made by Apple. If you plan to use your laptop for leisure rather than business, Lenovo laptops may be a great choice, and a much more affordable one.

Stock photos

If you own a website and have a daily need for fresh content, such as photos, to update your platform, you don’t have to pay for professional photographers as you can download stock photos.

Hundreds of photographers around the world take photos of every possible occasion and upload them to special stock photo sites where you can download them for very reasonable prices.

For example, if your website is about NFL, you need to use Google and find the site of your choice in order to buy NFL-related photos. Make sure to type in the right keyword to get to the satisfying results. Once you reach the image that you want to legally post on your site, buy it and its all yours for use.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are not only affordable but also very practical as they are usually portable. They come in various shapes and sizes and are often so small that you can put them in your pocket and wear them around.

Truth be told, the sound coming out of them may not be as loud or high-quality, but it is still a much better option than playing music on your phone speaker. You can find great Bluetooth speakers with prices starting at £10. Some of them even have additional options such as the mute button and volume buttons.

Used books

If you are old-fashioned and prefer reading paper books instead of e-books, there is still a great way to expand your collection with great titles, and that is by buying used books in special online stores. There are a couple of sites that focus only on thrift books and many people believe that it is the best way to avoid reading off the screen, as well as contribute to preventing deforestation.


Being on a budget while shopping is not always a bad thing, as it will make your browsing for things more intense and more fruitful for that matter. We did a part of the job for you and hopefully inspired you to try searching on your own for more affordable variants of your favorite items.