Has your diet become a steady flow of pasta, takeaways, and energy drinks? The heady mix of deadlines, new friends and new-found responsibility are enough to knock anyone’s diet for six. If you’re conscious you’re not eating as well as your should be, we have some tips on how to defend your diet from the hedonistic beatings of uni life.

Cook with your flatmates or friends

The social side to living at university makes the odds of ordering a takeaway that much higher. It only takes one person to suggest ordering out before there’s a room of ravenous, sleep-deprived students counting down the minutes to the delivery driver’s arrival.

When you cook together, you not only cut the usual costs of cooking a meal from scratch, but it’s also much more entertaining than preparing a meal alone. If you’ve been saddled with a small kitchen, why not take it in turns or prepare a cooking rota – and put each of your culinary skills to the test!

Cook in bulk

You can quickly and easily buy large stockpots online. These are perfect for preparing huge portions that you can freeze and eat later. Another one for those keen to cut costs, this cheap tactic also takes a lot of hard work out of cooking every day. So you can tuck into a homemade, hearty meal even when you’re feeling a little worse for wear.

Try something new each week

Make a goal to cook something new at least once a week. Tools like HelloFresh’s Recipe Matchmaker mean you can find something new with minimal effort. What better way to fill those free periods than by experimenting? You’ll soon develop a flavour for cooking!

Delete your takeaway apps

Few can resist temptaion when it’s right in front of them. Having a piping hot takeaway at your fingertips is sometimes a little too easy, and will spark a craving needlessly. Delete your apps and recycle the barrage of takeaway leaflets left at your door; your stomach and your bank account will thank you for it.

Take naps and drink water

Tiredness and dehydration can deceive you into thinking you’re hungry for salty and sugary foods. If the thoughts of start hassling you, drink some water and have a siesta. Not only will these improve energy levels, napping and drinking water are great for maintaining focus during study marathons.