Most Painful Tattoo Areas

Needless to say, any tattoo is going to be somewhat painful. Some a lot more than others! To put it simply, any tattoo on an area where bone is close to the surface of the skin is probably going to kill! Whereas others you may barely feel at all…Bum Cheeks
Too painful for a tattoo that hardly anyone will see! Although the process hurts, sitting down afterwards isn’t particularly pleasant either.

Many people have said that this could be the most painful area to get tattooed. So many bones close to the surface of sensitive skin, it’s safe to say it kills! Also, the body can eventually tolerate pain after a long period of time, but not on your ribs; that’s gonna hurt until it’s over!

Although one of the most painful places, it’s not completely unbearable! Although there are a lot of bones in your feet, getting tattooed on your toes will hurt a lot more!

Some people have described it as being cut open with a hot knife… So it probably hurts quite a bit.

Some people claim it’s unbearable whilst others couldn’t feel it at all! Weird.

Knee/Inner Thigh
Although not close to a bone, the thigh is just a rather delicate area that many of us feel uncomfortable being touched, anyway. The knee is painful for obvious reasons; you’re getting tattooed on top of your knee cap!

I don’t think it takes a genius to understand why a tattoo in these areas would be a killer…

Every person is different! It’s difficult to say what is the most painful area to get tattooed ever; everyone has different pain tolerances and not every tattoo is the same. But really, most of them hurt to some extent.