When considering purchasing a new amplifier for your ukulele, there are a huge number of options, features, sizes, and numbers to look at. This can be quite a lot to take in at first if you don’t have much of an idea what sort of amplifier you’re looking for. Once you have informed yourself of what sort of specification you need based on your budget, playing ability, and main use for the amplifier, you should then have a look at what’s available and make the purchase!

One of the most important aspects of what to look for in a uke amp is whether or not it is a combo amplifier, or is a head and cabinet setup. This factor largely depends on both your budget, and whether or not you are planning to play at events or not. In many cases, a combo amp will be more than sufficient for both home and gigging uses. However, if you need to fill a large venue with sound, you would be better opting for a large head and cabinet setup without doubt. Alternatively, you can still play a large venue with a smaller amp with it further amplified via a microphone.

In terms of tube vs solid state, the best quality ukulele amplifiers are available in both variant, and this choice Is really down to personal preference as a good sound will still be able to be achieved either way.


A modelling amp is one which try to recreate the sound of a number of different amps within the same package. Modelling amps are not restricted to the higher end of the market either, and can be obtained as a budget practice amplifier to a high powered valve combo that will be capable of producing a tremendous amount of effects, and be capable of playing in almost any situation.

Speaker Size

All speakers do not produce the same sound. Different sizes of speakers all produce varying sounds. Higher frequencies can be produced by smaller speakers than larger, and vice versa. For example, an 8” unit will most likely produce a better high sound than a good 12”speaker.

There are not a certain set of “most important aspects” in terms of the best quality ukulele amplifiers, but more certain important aspects that you should look for that meet your needs. If you are going to be playing gigs with your ukulele in large venues, the best ukulele amplifier for you may be a high powered tube amp, but then again a solid state played through a microphone to a PA would also be more than sufficient. The most important aspects tend to be what you prefer personally, but in terms of quality, you should always be sure to purchase an amp from a reputable well reviewed brand, ensure that the amplifier has any features that you need before buying, and always try the amp before you buy it to be sure